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We have been closely following the updates and regulations concerning the spread of Coronavirus. We have taken measures to protect the health of our team members while continuing to serve our customers. Due to the current travel restrictions introduced to avoid the spread of COVID-19, we offer you a possibility to join our webinars consisting of online live sessions where our Sales representatives present our OSINT solution through use cases or a classical software demo of our unique OSINT solution tailored to your needs and interests.

Types of use cases and software demos:

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In situations like the European migrant crisis in 2015 or during the last migration-related crisis at the Greek-Turkish border, it is crucial to examine the communication discourse. Therefore, it is vital to investigate what do refugees talk about, which media do they consume and share and if they are encouraged by particular actors.

In case you would want to know how can OSINT solution enable governments and various organizations to gather open source data and combine it with data from other sources, you can download our Migration Report covering the recent crisis at the Greek-Turkish border.

If you would like to have a live session with a member of our Sales team about our solution and how it can tackle the challenges of migration crises, simply fill in the form below and we will get in touch with you.

In times of a pandemic, misinformation campaigns are not only harmful to electoral process, fact-based journalism and potential citizens’ decisions based on inaccurate information, but now also to people’s lives. Our OSINT solution empowers users to detect Fake News, polarizing narratives and discover various conspiracy theories by encorporating an automated-bots detection, topic and entities detection and sentiment analysis done in the original language.

If you are interested in how can OSINT be used to detect Fake News and conspiracy theories, download our use case dedicated to this topic.

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The conflicts of the future will be hybrid and in the information domain. As one of the main goals of hybrid warfare is to influence the citizens, the existence of the Internet and social media represent a suitable platform for spreading polarizing, misleading and negative narratives. Disinformation and fake news are shared through Internet-enabled propaganda, which became one of the methods of hybrid warfare.

The Media Mining System is a platform designed for media monitoring, analysis and data-driven decision making by extracting and analyzing multilingual information from open sources, such as TV, radio, blogs, social media, etc., in real time. In this workshop the participant will receive insights on the system’s features, which enable users to investigate stories, first source of any news, social media topics and much more, making it possible to navigate the vast amount of information and to identify and counter disinformation.

As our solution allows continuous assessment of media coverage and public opinion in real time, it is suitable for monitoring health promotion campaigns, the perceived impact of government actions, or, due to the availability of 32 languages, international media monitoring of the development and measures concerning the pandemic.

If you are interested in how can OSINT provide crucial real-time knowledge in times of a pandemic, download our 54-pages-long Coronavirus World Overview Report including use cases covering twenty countries around the globe, such as Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Nigeria, Brazil, Chile, the United States of America,  Iran, Lebanon, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, China, India, Pakistan, and Singapore.  You can also sign up for a free daily updated report about COVID-19!

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SAIL LABS representatives

Mark Pfeiffer - CVO

Educated in Germany and the United States in economics and aeronautics, he has spent almost two decades consulting in those fields and works in many nations across the globe primarily in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. His clients include various international government bodies as well as governments and participants of the air transport system. He joined SAIL LABS in 2003 and has since built up the governmental partner network and business, spanning most of the globe. In 2006 he co-founded the EUROSINT forum as a venue for exchange of ideas and concepts. His trainings in the OSINT domain are highly customized to the clients’ needs and he can draw from many years of customer interaction.

Francesca Galeotti
Director of Business Development

Francesca Galeotti is working as a Director of Business Development at SAIL LABS Technology. She obtained master degrees in International Studies and Military Strategical Studies at the Center of High Studies of the Italian Ministry of Defense. She has previously worked at Leonardo SpA as a Business Development Manager and a Strategical Analyst. Before she has joined SAIL LABS, she was the Representative Officer of Leonardo SpA in Azerbaijan.

Alexander Oberkersch
Business Development Manager

Alexander joined SAIL LABS in 2018 as a Business Development Manager. While working in private security he studied business at the Vienna University of Business and Economics. Afterwards he obtained a Master’s degree in Security and Intelligence Studies from the Center for Security and Intelligence Studies at the University of Buckingham (BUCSIS) in England. Work placements as well as places of education included Istanbul, Johannesburg, Brussels, Washington DC and London

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