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SAIL LABS conducts administrator and user training.
Our training enables your employees with all the skills they need in order to confidently handle the powerful technologies.


All our training is delivered at the SAIL LABS Training Center located in the heart of Vienna, Austria.

Training’s delivered in other locations should be requested within a reasonable amount of time to ensure the training is conducted successfully. 

OSINT Training: The SAIL Way

Extensive amounts of personal, business, political or even potentially incriminating data are currently stored on various websites and social media platforms which users access and update daily. This rapidly growing amount of information can be vital for businesses and governments in solving real financial, political, or criminal issues, with the help of a professional information analyst.

The workshop will address the new features of the SAIL LABS products Media Mining System and ASM. Furthermore, participants will be equipped with up-to-date knowledge and current in-demand skills in Open Source Intelligence. Please find more details below and get ready to join us in a stimulating hands-on learning journey.

IV OSINT TRAINING – 12th to 14th of May, 2020

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Training Modules
Media Mining System

Learn how to instantly make the most of your SAIL LABS investment.

SAIL LABS offers various comprehensive Training Modules. All courses provide intensive hands on training and are conducted by experts with years of product and application experience. SAIL LABS training incorporates the technical expertise required for a handling of the relevant technologies confidently.

Support & Maintenance

Many research and software engineers improve SAIL LABS products every day. Therefore, SAIL LABS recommends protecting its customers’ investments by considering SAIL LABS’ comprehensive maintenance, support and upgrade option.

To know more about annual maintenance, support & upgrade options,  
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SAIL LABS Hardware is based upon highest quality standards components from prime brand manufacturers.