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SAIL LABS offers a wide range of innovative and highly effective business solutions that dramatically reduce costs, and provide services that are not feasible with traditional technology.


Media Mining System Software & Hardware

The award-winning SAIL LABS Media Mining System is an integrated platform for analysts and decision makers that extracts metadata and key information from multiple sources, in multiple languages and real time.

Training & Support

SAIL LABS offers various comprehensive Training Modules. All courses provide intensive hands-on training and are conducted by experts with considerable product and application experience.


For a first-hand experience of the award-winning Media Mining System, discover our Demo System where you can experience our integrated platform.

Discover the benefits of our features

Actionable Intelligence

Collect, process, enrich and analyse multi-sources and multimedia archives to produce relevant information and gain actionable intelligence.

Secure Communication

Security and encryption features for secure communication between user and server.


Immediate access to information in foreign language news content.

Rapid Response

Real-time indexing and alerting enable users to quickly gain situational awareness of current events.

Traditional Media Monitoring

Multimedia analysis of Radio and TV broadcasts as well as electronic documents and websites.

Social Media Monitoring

Analysis of Social Media including social networks, forums, blogs, wikis and podcasts. Including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, VKontakte and many more.

Advanced Search & Retrieval

Find relevant information at a glimpse by means of multilingual search, named entity highlighting and topic detection.

Visual Analytics

Focus on essential aspects of the data by means of clustering, relationships, trends, geographic information system (GIS) and ontologies.

Automatic Speech Recognition

Our Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is one our ground breaking features that efficiently processes TV, radio and video content into text. Powerful technologies within the Media Mining Indexer converts the multimedia input into rich-transcript that is sent to the Media Mining Server for storage, search and retrieval. This transforms unstructured audio or video content into actionable media intelligence.

More Than 25 Different Languages

Albanian (Tosk), Arabic (modern standard Arabic), Arabic dialects (Egyptian, Lebanese), Bahasa (Indonesian and Malaysian), Catalan, Czech, Dutch, English (US/UK), Farsi, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Norwegian, Pashto, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Slovak, Swedish, Turkish and Urdu.

We continue to develop our solution to support new languages.

Instant Translation

Our Instant Translation automatically translates the transcribed text into the customers preferred language in order to analyse information that is in a foreign language. The powerful technologies within the Media Mining Indexer reinforces the process in a fast and accurate manner.

Advanced Filters

SAIL LABS Advanced Filters is one of the many unique benefits that differentiate our solution from the rest. This enables the user to filter vast amount of cross-media and lingual content for a more accurate search. The search term can be filtered by source, language, location, sentiment and many more. 

Data Visualisation

The Media Mining Client provides many options to visualise the vast amount of recorded and processed data to efficiently conduct an extensive and immediate analysis. Our solution can visualise data in many ways as this is the key to informational and actionable intelligence.

Social media extension

The SAIL LABS Social Media Extension supports collections and enrichment of advanced metadata and user information along with images and media data from social media sources including, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, VKontakte and many more. It provides the latest advances in the media mining and monitoring field that are uniquely combined with the Media Mining System support for an unprecedented social media analytical tool that is fully integrated as an HTML5 component in the Media Mining Client.

Profiles and Ontologies

SAIL LABS integrates semantic and structural human knowledge into the Media Mining System by the use of Ontologies and Profiles. These features enable the extraction of hidden information from unstructured data, the discovery and understanding of relationships between diverse data and subsequently complex analysis. The ultimate goal is a synthesis of new intelligence from previously stored information and knowledge.

Determines the attitude of a speaker, author or piece of content with respect to the overall contextual polarity. The attitude may be the judgement, evaluation, affective state, or the intended emotional communication of individual that created the content. 

  • Entities are identified in the words that are tagged with categories of entities such as individuals, locations or organisations. 
  • The Topic Detection module is equipped with a wide variety of topics ranging from general to specific topics. This assists to locate stories relating to user-specific interests.
  • The Logo Detection module is equipped with a wide variety of logos across all industries. This assists to identify logos amongst the vast amount of data. 

Attributes statements to certain speakers. SAIL LABS Speaker Identification Toolkit assists to train, test and modify models that can be subsequently used to identify speaker by their voices. 

Printed documents can be processed through the SAIL LABS Solution to be analysed. This is assists to analyse documents that cannot be found electronically. 

The SAIL LABS Solution can monitor for certain keywords and identify the sources with these keywords in order for the user to analyse and make an informed decision. 

Automatic Alerts can be set in the SAIL LABS Solution to notify the user of a certain situation that needs urgent attention.

Processing Abilities


The SAIL LABS Dashboard feature allows the user to compare visualisations relating to a certain search term in the Media Mining Client and Social Media Extension, focusing on different time periods or even in real time. 

Report generation

Reports can be manually generated in the SAIL LABS Solution with all the relevant information, including the visualisations that assists the decision maker to make an informed decision. 

Crisis Room

The Crisis Room or Personal Situation Center is a system to enhance decision-support of management and analysts in crisis situations (i.e. financial crisis, natural disasters, industrial accidents, targeted acts of violence, etc.). It enables simultaneous monitoring of live media-streams across multiple channels in various languages. During this process, users can perform ‘live searches’. The system collects the results automatically and alerts users as new matches to their search occur. The number and type of monitored channels can be selected and arranged freely according to the users needs. 

Workflow Solution

Workflow Process: 

  1. Data Collection.
  2. Selection of Relevant Information,
    Enrichment of information,
    Evaluation of Reliability and Credibility.
  3. Collaborative Report Generation.
  4. Dissemination for Informed Decision Making.

The SAIL LABS Workflow Solution supports the entire cycle of information processing, from data collection, processing, to analysis and dissemination. This generic workflow can be adapted to various domains and tasks. A set of roles allows to define responsibilities across a flexible number of team members. Users in virtually all roles can collect and distribute information throughout the organisation with a minimum of cost and effort to gain the following benefits:

• Making sense of today’s explosion of data and sources.
• Improving operational efficiency.
• Making sound business decisions with confidence.
• Coherent and consistent information sharing.

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