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Sail Labs Technology and X-Art Collaborate to Create Advanced Multimedia Solutions Integration of Sail Labs Media Mining Indexer with Virage VideoLogger®

VIENNA, 23 May 2002: Sail Labs Technology and X-Art Pro Division have entered into a partnership with the objective of creating advanced solutions for the broadcasting and streaming media industries. X-Art, an experienced integrator of the Virage VideoLogger®, will act as a system integrator and solution provider for the award-winning Sail Labs Media Mining System. The integration of the Sail Labs Media Mining System with the Virage VideoLogger® paves the way for logging stations for multimedia data capture and information retrieval. The integrated solution allows for continuous indexing and encoding of incoming audio and video in real time. Users of Virage VideoLogger® can now obtain a complete solution by combining the Virage VideoLogger® with an advanced indexing system capable of processing audio associated with incoming video feeds. In addition they have the option to use the Named Entity, Topic Detection, and Speaker Identification features of the Sail Labs Media Mining Indexer in the integrated product. The integrated product gives users immediate access to multimedia information.

“We were overwhelmed by the quality of the Sail Labs audio indexing technology when we saw it for the first time. From then on we knew that it was a must for us to integrate it into all of our professional audio and video applications .The first step now is that we will make use of the incredible audio suite within the Virage VideoLogger® to allow German content owners to index their audio of videos at an unbelievable and so far unseen high level of accuracy,” says Andreas Pongratz, CEO of X-Art Pro Division.

“We are proud to have X-Art as our partner because they are one of the most experienced in Europe in integrating video logging services with compatible technologies. X-Art’s well-established commercial network in Europe will ensure the rapid distribution and deployment of the integrated solution,” says Dr Thomas Netousek, CEO of Sail Labs Technology.

The award-winning Sail Labs Media Mining Indexer uses audio content from sources such as radio and TV, press agency news feeds, and archived media streams, and produces an indexed XML output in Real Time. The Speech Recognition module of the Media Indexer is capable of handling a vocabulary of up to 250,000 words. X-Art is a certified system integrator and reseller for the Virage VideoLogger®, which is a powerful award-winning video indexing software that uses advanced video capture and analysis tools to automatically create a structured index of content in real time. The integration of the Media Mining System with the Virage VideoLogger® will enable users to locate specific video clips along with the corresponding audio. Users will be able to retrieve topic- as well as speaker-based summarized information from multimedia sources through the key features of topic detection and speaker identification. The integrated solution will primarily target the broadcasting and streaming media industry.

About X-Art Pro Division

X-Art Pro Division is a leading supplier of digital production tools for TV, Radio and the Internet, and provides system integration services throughout central Europe. X-Art develops advanced plug-ins for the Video Logger focusing on workflow optimization and quality assurance. For more information please go to www.x-art.at.

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