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SAIL LABS releases World's most accurate Arabic Broadcast News Transcription System

Vienna, Austria, 6 September 2005: SAIL LABS Technology, a global provider of speech technology solutions, today announced the availability of the world's most accurate Broadcast News Transcription System for Arabic.

This new release comes as a result of the continuing investment in leading edge research & development at SAIL LABS, which allowed substantial improvements to the quality of the Arabic Broadcast News Transcription System following the success of its Arabic Language Media Mining System, which was released in 2002 as the world's first product of its kind. The Arabic Language Media Mining System enabled users to search as well as summarize Arabic broadcast news in real-time, offering additional features like multilingual key word search and translation.

Measured on an independent, industry-standard test set of broadcast news episodes, SAIL LABS achieved a reduction of the word error rate of the Arabic Transcription System by 30% relative to its previous version.

The political developments in recent years have moved Arabic news broadcasting and Arabic Internet content publishing into the centre of international attention, leading to an increased demand for methods and tools to analyse Arabic content. SAIL LABS Arabic Broadcast News Transcription System meets this requirement by providing an integrated automatic transcription and translation system, which features real-time transcription of Arabic broadcast news via speech-to-text and subsequent machine translation from Arabic to English.

Typical application areas for the Arabic Broadcast News Transcription System are Broadcast News Indexing for Newsrooms of TV, Radio and Press Agencies and Open Source Intelligence and Media Observation Organisations.

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