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SAIL LABS Showcases Automatic Television Transcription and Translation System at MERCUR 2005 Awards Ceremony

Vienna, Austria, 1 February 2006: SAIL LABS Technology, the leading provider of advanced speech technology, presents the world's fastest multilingual broadcast news translation system with real-time subtitling at the Austrian MERCUR Award for Innovative Excellence. ROSIDS, short for Rapid Open Source Intelligence Deployment System, has been successfully shipping worldwide for more than six months.

SAIL LABS, who has received the MERCUR award twice in previous years (in 2002 for the Conversational System and in 2003 for the Media Mining System), has been invited to demonstrate its latest cutting-edge software solution at this prestigious awards ceremony.

ROSIDS enables users to understand foreign language broadcasts by providing subtitles in the viewer's native language. ROSIDS captures video and/or audio feeds such as TV, radio, Internet etc. from satellite signals and produces video streams with subtitles. ROSIDS uses automatic speech recognition to convert audio data into text, and machine translation to translate the original language into a chosen language fully automatically and in real-time. The translated transcripts are displayed together with the original audio/video, which means that users can watch AlJazeera with English subtitles with less than 1-minute delay from the original broadcast.

ROSIDS supports a wide variety of languages, including all main broadcast-news languages such as English, French, German, Spanish and Arabic. Additional languages can be offered on request.

"It is a great pleasure to present our latest achievement to this high-profile audience", says Christoph Prinz, COO and co-founder of SAIL LABS, "and we hope that they will be as proud as we are, that ROSIDS, developed and produced by a small R&D team in Austria, outperforms our competitors' products by far." ROSIDS is more accurate and at least 4 times faster than any comparable product currently available on the market.

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