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Tom Clancy, "Clancy Speaks Again, Briefly" (February 12, 2000)


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SAIL LABS announces availability of Release Version 2016-3

Vienna, Austria, February 7, 2017

SAIL LABS Technology is proud to announce the launch of the 2016-3 Release of its entire product suite, including 98 new features and 92 improvements.

Please find some of the most exciting newly implemented features below:


o   Optional Dark UI theme for Media Mining Client and Crisis Room/Personal Situation Center enabling better readability in dark environments


o   Vastly improved language models for English, German and Italian based on the latest deep learning neural network technologies; even more languages are soon to follow

·         SOCIAL MEDIA:

o   Distinct icons allow an easy visual differentiation between Facebook posts and comments; it is also possible now to quickly go from the comment to the related post with one click only

o   Download and display of Flickr images in Tweets


o   Introduction of a Media Categorization concept (integrated in Scheduler, Filter, and Workflow items) enabling the creation of individual taxonomy of sources in a hierarchical easy-to-use editor to increase source awareness

·         PROFILES:

o   Integration of profile manager into the Scheduler to enable setting media categories and individual icons for source and program profiles

o   New predefined profile sets for diseases, disasters and cyber-crime

o   Light-weight standalone profile manager application containing only components relevant for profiling for users with profiler role

For the whole list of new features, enhancements and bug fixes, download the 2016-3 Release Notes.

Software updates include bug fixes and small feature enhancements.
Software upgrades include all updates plus significant software changes and new features.
Depending on the individual maintenance agreements, customers are eligible to receive such product releases. Update and upgrade versions of the Media Mining Indexer are made available via ftp-download.

Customers with corresponding service agreements and remote access for the SAIL LABS Support Team shall receive the versions via remote maintenance.

Please contact or for further information.

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