Public Health Surveillance


SAIL LABS is consistently expanding the areas of where our solution can be used. Whether it is for government or commercial use, we personalise our solution with the customer’s interest at heart.

National Security

The objective of National Security is to protect citizens, economies and organizations from threats, whether it is cyber, terrorist, environmental, energy, economic or any other threats that can be detrimental to a nation.

Military Intelligence

Military Intelligence is essential during all levels; in times of peace, from tactical to strategic, transition period and during warfare as it provides direction to achieve set objectives.

Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Foreign Affairs focuses to protect a country’s national interests and develop strategic communications with other countries. It’s essential to understand a country’s past and current situation to achieve a strategic purpose of action.

Critical Infrastructure

An increasing frequency and severity of critical infrastructure incidents demands for thorough critical infrastructure protection. This is important to measure the preparedness and response to serious incidents.

Public Health Survillance

It is essential for epidemiologists, public health officials, and decision-makers from the Public Health sector to be aware of outbreaks of a pandemic disease or social unrest as a result of health threats, in order to limit the spread and disruption caused by such events.

Public Health Surveillance

It is essential for epidemiologists and decision-makers from the Public Health sector to be aware of diseases outbreaks or social unrest as a result of health threats, in order to limit the spread and disruption caused by such events.

Health security – as a dynamic and rapidly changing environment – can no longer rely exclusively on traditional disease reporting mechanisms to recognise the emergence of new hazards.

Especially in remote areas or locations of limited control, the need for alternative strategies is unquestionable.

As a consequence, multimedia and informal sources of information have increasingly become acknowledged and valued, allowing to shortcut reporting mechanisms that would travel through complex systems of public health administrations.

Media Mining System benefits for Public Health Surveillance

  • Worldwide monitoring of potential threats
  • Monitoring outbreaks of a pandemic disease
  • Surveillance of biological, chemical and radio nuclear hazards
  • Awareness of NGO activities
  • Monitoring of pharmaceutical corporations
  • Information about health policies
  • Situational awareness and assessment of crises around the globe and specific locations


  • Ministries of health
  • Other governmental departments and agencies
  • International and non-governmental organizations
  • Private companies
  • Investors and consultants
  • Data analysts
  • Emergency managers
  • First responders
  • Decision-makers
  • Political parties

Special Advantages

  • Rapid data collection for fast decisions
  • Event-based surveillance
  • Personalized alerts
  • Timely reporting mechanisms
  • Social media Intelligence
  • Sentiment Analysis of traditional and social media regarding the perceived impact of a disease and government actions
  • Public opinion related statistics
  • Reputation management
  • Customer satisfaction analysis
  • Competitive Intelligence

SAIL LABS solutions and services are being used across a broad range of industries ranging from health care, IT (information technology), media, telecommunication to defence and government.

The SAIL LABS Solution was originally developed with a focus on the situational awareness requirements for security and defence clientele. However, situational awareness is equally important for other sectors of the economy. This led to diversification of the SAIL LABS Solution landscape.

We constantly take into account the market’s needs and wants and design our solution to meet and exceed expectations, thus enhancing us to become one with our client’s environment. This implies having a deep understanding of the customer, market and what is currently happening in the world. 

Key Benefits​​

  • Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)
  • Language Model Tool Kit (LMT) 
  • Speaker Identification (SID)
  • Topic Detection (TD)
  • Speaker Change Detection 
  • Segmentation – detects & ignores music, noises, etc.

Practical Cases

Public Health Surveillance

Decision makers in the Public Health Surveillance need to stay on top of events as they unfold in order to provide rapid assessment and advice concerning the best actions to be taken.

Through the Media Mining System (MMS), analysts can make sense of great amounts of information through a combination of machine computation and human resources. Access below some examples of practical cases.

World Diabetes day – November, 2018

Monitoring the impact of marketing actions to raise awareness about an emerging public health topic is relevant to organizations and governments. Open Source Intelligence solutions, as SAIL LABS Media Mining System (MMS), provide a wide range of crucial information, facilitating strategy optimization and better allocation of the available resources. In this example, we can see how the MMS provides insights about the World Diabetes Day, an initiative led by the International Diabetes Federation.

HIV data leak Scandal in Singapore – January, 2019

On January 2019, Singapore faced the data leak of medical records belonged to 5,400 Singaporeans as well as 8,800 foreigners diagnosed with HIV since 1985 up to January 2013.

As presented in this example, it is possible to use SAIL LABS Media Mining System to evaluate the impact of a health scandal in the media.

Cholera Outbreak in Nigeria and Yemen – November, 2018

During November 2018, a cholera outbreak in different countries in Africa was under the spotlight of the international media. In this example, we have used SAIL LABS Media Mining system to identify which countries were most frequently mentioned in the media in the context of cholera, and from which geographic locations most tweets about the topic were coming from.

First detection of Marburg Virus in West Africa – December, 2018

Marburg virus is the causative agent of Marburg virus disease, a threat with a case fatality ratio of up to 88%. Marburg viruses are considered endemic throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, and on December 2018, they were also for the first time detected in West Africa. The visualizations originated by our MMS point out which countries were most frequently cited in the media in the context of Marburg virus, during December 21st.

Measles Outbreak – January, 2019


During the first months of 2019, many parts of the world were confronted with unprecedented upsurge in cases of this preventable disease. In this example, it is possible to see that the media mainly focused on the measles outbreak which occurred in the United States of America. It is also possible to identify from where most of the tweets about measles were coming from.

Ebola Outbreak in Africa – January, 2018

When it comes to early detection of disease outbreaks, monitoring online media can be a complementary resource to fast responses. In this example, the visualizations related to the  media coverage on the Ebola situation in Africa are shown. The system was used to identify where the highest amount of tweets related to the topic were coming from, which countries were most frequently mentioned in the media and the most common hashtags.

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