Latest news and updates in October

Latest news and updates in October

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Here are the latest news and updates on the activities of SAIL LABS in October.

Upcoming Events

A webinar to sign up for in November

Due to the current travel restrictions introduced to avoid the spread of COVID-19, we have been offering you the possibility to join our free-of-charge OSINT webinars on different current topics. The sessions are led by SAIL LABS team members and co-hosted by invited experts in diverse fields!

You can connect with us in the upcoming webinar:

US Presidential Post-Elections Webinar – 18.11.2020

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Sign up for daily updates about the US Presidential Elections

The election day for the 2020 US Presidential elections was set to November 3, 2020. On this day, the US voters select their presidential electors who will cast their votes to choose between the incumbent President Trump and vice-president Pence or to elect a new presidential candidate Joe Biden and the vice-president Kamala Harris.

This presidential election takes place in turbulent times, when the USA is fighting the pandemic of COVID-19, the Black Lives Matter movement is protesting against the police brutality and racially motivated violence and after the recent death of Justice Ginsburg and the controversial decision about her successor.

Therefore, SAIL LABS team prepared an Automatic Quantitative Report to daily update you on the media coverage of the race during the last 24 hours to keep you updated every day!

You can request the report by clicking on the button on the right.


Previous Events

Webinar: Language Intelligence @ Work – October 7

As currently approximately 6,500 languages are spoken worldwide, multilingualism can be regarded as the common feature of our world. Languages are complex systems of communication and language technology incorporates the methods of the analysis, production, modification or responses to human texts and speech by computer software. Human-centric Artificial Intelligence based on Language Technology is profoundly transforming the way humans and machines interact with each other, creating myriads of new opportunities across industries and society.

In this webinar, SAIL LABS CEO, Christoph Prinz, and Philippe Wacker, Executive Director of LT-Innovate, discussed Language Intelligence as an empowering tool to better navigate a multilingual world.

You can watch the full video by clicking on the picture above!


LMT Webinar: How to catch up when your vocabulary is running away – October 21

Today’s Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) systems typically employ a large – but fixed – vocabulary for the recognition and transcription of audio data. Whereas the size of the vocabulary is typically in the hundreds of thousands of words, there will always still be more words that do not form part of this vocabulary. Specific domain-dependent expressions, proper names, jargon or newly emerging terms – such as COVID during the Spring of 2020 – are examples of such “missing” words.

In this webinar, the Head of Research, Gerhard Backfried, the Speech Scientist, Erinc Dikici and the Research Project Manager, Dorothea Thomas-Aniola, elaborated on the topics of Automatic Speech Recognition, SAIL LABS Language Model Toolkit, CAVA – the Continuous Automatic Vocabulary Adaptation and the challenges that the machine-processing of speech and text brings.

You can watch the full video by clicking on the picture above!


US Elections Webinar: Data Statistics – Risks & Hinge Factors – October 28

As the November 3, the US Presidential election day is quickly approaching, SAIL LABS decided to invite two external guests, Peter Cochrane and Karl-Heinz Land, to discuss this historical event.

There are many factors that could affect the results of the elections and secure the presidency to one side or the other: the number of Coronavirus deaths in the USA, the Black Lives Matter movement, the death of Justice Ginsburg and her potential successor, the mechanisms of electoral college, the current media coverage of the race, etc.

The two external guests, Mark Pfeiffer, the Chief Visionary Officer of SAIL LABS, and Dominika Betakova, political scientist and currently a Marketing & Communications Specialist at SAIL LABS, discussed what hinge factors they think might be crucial to the US Presidential Elections 2020.

In case you missed the webinar, keep an eye out on our webpage, as we will release the video of the webinar soon!

You can watch the full video by clicking on the picture above!


Research News

Data Science Bootcamp

Gerhard Backfried, Head of Research, and Christian Schmidt, Senior Research Engineer, participated in the Data Science Bootcamp organized by the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences.

SAIL LABS Technology is one of the partner companies of the project which provides a nine-week training course for employees to further broaden their skills in the Data Science field.


New Release

Coming soon: New Media Mining System 2020-1 Release

We are glad to inform you that the quality control testing of the newest additional features and improvements of our award-winning Media Mining System is almost done, and the 2020-1 Release will be announced soon!

In the meantime, you can read below a snippet of the upgrades and changes it will bring:

  • An upgraded server architecture including new microservice architecture, horizontal scalability, high-availability, etc.
  • Enhanced data collection including new tactical methods and its visualizations
  • Improved bot detection and an indication of a social media user’s account/post/comment’s age

Improvements covering full-text translation, high-quality videos, statistics, etc.

Find out more about the latest version of our system in our next newsletter!


Social Media TOP POSTS

In case you have missed our social media posts, you can find our three most popular tweets in October below!

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