US Elections Webinar: Data Statistics – Risks & Hinge Factors

US Elections Webinar: Data Statistics – Risks & Hinge Factors

As the November 3, the US Presidential election day is quickly approaching, SAIL LABS decided to invite two external guests, Peter Cochrane and Karl-Heinz Land, to discuss this historical event.

There are many factors that could affect the results of the elections and secure the presidency to one side or the other: the number of Coronavirus deaths in the USA, the Black Lives Matter movement, the death of Justice Ginsburg and her potential successor, the mechanisms of electoral college, the current media coverage of the race, etc.

The two external guests and Mark Pfeiffer, the Chief Visionary Officer of SAIL LABS, and Dominika Betakova, political scientist and currently a Marketing & Communications Specialist at SAIL LABS, will discuss what hinge factors they think might be crucial to the US Presidential Elections 2020.


Peter Cochrane

Peter is an internationally sought after guru who invests his time and money as an agent of change. Renowned for his out of the box thinking, he is an advisor and consultant to companies and governments, the author of blogs, articles and books on technology, business and managing rapid change. With over 40 years of technology and operational experience, Peter has been involved in the creation and transformation of corporations. His British Telecom career saw him progress to CTO with teams engaged in optical fiber, fixed and mobile networks, artificial life and healthcare, through to war gaming, eCommerce, and business modeling. Peter has also spent time as an educator and was appointed Professor for the Public Understanding of Science & Technology @ Bristol (1998). He received the Queen’s Award for Innovation & Export (1990), numerous Honorary Doctorates and was awarded an OBE (1999) for his contribution to international communications.

Karl-Heinz Land

Karl-Heinz Land is an insider in digital transformation. He has been experiencing and shaping his core theme – digitization – for over 35 years, among others in management positions at internationally operating companies such as Oracle, BusinessObjects (SAP) and Microstrategy. In 2014, he launched neuland, a digital and strategy consulting company that, according to the ranking of the magazine “brandeins”, is repeatedly among the best in Germany. As a serial entrepreneur and investor, he focuses on innovative technologies such as the Blockchain and the Internet of Things. The World Economic Forum (WEF) and Time Magazine awarded Land with the “Technology Pioneer Award” in 2006. The visionary Karl-Heinz Land, who sees himself as a digital evangelist, inspires thousands of decision-makers from business, politics and society year after year with keynotes and workshops and shapes their digital agenda. As a co-author, Land has published three groundbreaking management books: Digital Darwinism – Branding and business models in jeopardy, Dematerialization – The redistribution of the world in times of digital Darwinism, Digitale Markenführung: Digital Branding im Zeitalter des digitalen Darwinisms.

Mark Pfeiffer

Educated in Germany and the United States in economics and aeronautics, he has spent almost two decades consulting in those fields and works in many nations across the globe primarily in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. His clients include various international government bodies as well as governments and participants of the air transport system. He joined SAIL LABS in 2003 and has since built up the governmental partner network and business, spanning most of the globe. In 2006 he co-founded the EUROSINT forum as a venue for exchange of ideas and concepts. His trainings in the OSINT domain are highly customized to the clients’ needs and he can draw from many years of customer interaction.

Dominika Betakova

Dominika works as the Marketing & Communications Specialist at SAIL LABS Technology since 2018. She holds a double Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies and Journalism and Political Science and Master’s degree in Political Science with specialization in Political Marketing and Electoral Studies. She gained international experience ranging from political consulting agency in California, where she assisted in conjunction with a congressional campaign, to participation in electoral campaigns in Central and Eastern Europe and belongs to one of the co-founders of the project promoting critical thinking and media literacy in Czech Republic.