Webinar: Language Intelligence @ Work (07.10.)

Webinar: Language Intelligence @ Work (07.10.)

As currently approximately 6,500 languages are spoken worldwide, multilinguality can be regarded as the common feature of our world. Languages are complex systems of communication and language technology incorporates the methods of the analysis, production, modification or responses to human texts and speech by computer software. Human-centric Artificial Intelligence based on Language Technology is profoundly transforming the way humans and machines interact with each other, creating myriads of new opportunities across industries and society. This webinar discusses the term language intelligence, describes its components and how they are used in the industry.

You can now save your spot for our next webinar on the 7th of October! Join SAIL LABS CEO, Christoph Prinz, and Philippe Wacker, Executive Director of LT-Innovate, to discuss Language Intelligence as an empowering tool to better navigate a multilingual world.

LT-Innovate is the Association of the Language Technology Industry. Language Technology makes the world intelligent, multilingual and interactive. LT is at the core of AI-driven multilingual ambient intelligence, a set of technologies encompassing deep meaning processing, multilingual communication & cognition and speech interaction. Human-centric AI based on Language Technology is profoundly transforming the way humans and machines interact with each other, creating myriads of new opportunities.  


Christoph Prinz
Chief Executive Officer at SAIL LABS

Mag. Christoph Prinz is one of the founders of SAIL LABS Technology in 2009. First he held the position as Chief Operating Officer and was appointed Chief Executive Officer in December 2006. He studied Business and Computer Science at the Vienna University. Moreover he took courses in International Politics and Business at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Christoph Prinz graduated in 1992 and holds a master’s degree in Business and Computer Science. In the course of his studies, he worked at and was responsible for projects at SiS, Hewlett-Packard, Digital Equipment, and IBM, which he joined after the military service, that he spent at the HDVA (Army IT Center), in 1992. At IBM, he worked as developer application program manager, in several industry projects in leading positions, as well as visiting scientist in the IBM Thomas J Watson Research Center, NY. In 1999 he joined SAIL LABS to form the Speech Technology Division in Vienna, Austria.

Philippe Wacker
Executive Director of LT-Innovate

Mag. Philippe Wacker is currently Executive Director of LT-Innovate.  

Philippe has spent the last 30 years in the high tech sector as a manager of leading digital technology networks. His skills encompass association & interest group management, technology evangelisation & advocacy, international project management, strategic project planning & development, international project finance, event management, multicultural networking & communication, digital transformation & technology-driven business expansion.