Latest contributions of SAIL LABS to the H2020 MIRROR project

Latest contributions of SAIL LABS to the H2020 MIRROR project

SAIL LABS Research Team participated in the first Project Review Meeting of the H2020 MIRROR-Project on the 15th of September.

The review meeting was held virtually and it provided some valuable input and inspiring feedback for the next two years of the project.

The purpose of the review was to present the project’s first-year results, achievements as well as future plans to the EC MIRROR project officer and the subject matter experts from the European Commission. Within MIRROR, SAIL leads WP4 on Text Analysis Methods for Social and Traditional Media and WP11 on dissemination and exploitation. The company also fills the role of the Community Liaison Manager of the project, engaging actively in community building and cross-fertilization with stakeholders.

MIRROR  (Migration-Related Risks caused by misconceptions of Opportunities and Requirement) is a research project that aims to generate a greater understanding of how people (from outside the European Union) perceive Europe as a destination for migration. The results of the project will form the basis for policy recommendations and the development of the MIRROR platform and toolset for effective cross-media perception analysis.

MIRROR examines the perceptions of Europe and EU member countries outside of Europe and the aim of the project is to develop an integrated platform, a set of tools, as well as a systematic methodology for the comprehensive intermedia analysis of the perception of Europe by countries of origin for migration, the detection of discrepancies between the perception of and reality in Europe, and the creation of awareness for the impact of such misconceptions.

The project brings together a multidisciplinary consortium composed of fourteen partners from seven countries from research and industry, as well as practitioners, including SAIL LABS Technology. The consortium will cooperate over the next three years with the goal to gain a better understanding of how Europe is perceived abroad and the mechanisms involved in the process. The MIRROR Project started on the 1st of June, 2019, and has a time period of three years.

The project also launched recently an explanatory video, which contains a simplified explanation of the project. 

The MIRROR project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement № 832921.