Latest news and updates on the activities of SAIL LABS in August

Latest news and updates on the activities of SAIL LABS in August

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Here are the latest news and updates on the activities of SAIL LABS in August.

News and Updates

Upcoming Events

CoffAI talks, Language Technology Industry and Language Model Toolkit Webinars

Due to the current travel restrictions introduced to avoid the spread of COVID-19, we have been offering you the possibility to join our free-of-charge OSINT webinars on different current topics. The sessions are hosted by members of SAIL LABS and co-hosted by invited experts of diverse fields. 

You can connect with us in the upcoming webinars:

 16.09. CoffAI talks

Gerhard Backfried, Katja Prinz & Mark Pfeiffer

07.10. Language Technology Industry

Christoph Prinz & Philippe Wacker

21.10. Language Model Toolkit

Erinc Dikici & Gerhard Backfried

28.10. US Elections – Data Statistics: Risk & Hinge Factors

Dominika Betakova, Karl-Heinz Land & Mark Pfeiffer

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Previous Events

Elections & OSINT Webinar

After the 2016 US Presidential elections and the success of the Vote Leave campaign in the UK, there could be no doubt about the significance and importance of utilizing big data in political communication. Both electoral and permanent campaigns, in order to be successful, need to regularly evaluate the public opinion of a candidate and his or her opponents, relevant issues, public image of the party, interest groups, media coverage of the race, etc. Even though data significates the power of knowledge, it appears in various forms ranging from unstructured data in text forms collected from social media to semi-structured metadata, etc.

On the webinar of the 26th of August, SAIL LABS’ Marketing and Communications Specialist, Dominika Betakova, spoke about political marketing, the role of open source data and the media monitoring in campaigns’ phases or opposition research. She also depicted the challenges that COVID-19 pandemic introduces into the electoral process and what we might see as a result.

A summary overview of this webinar can be found here.

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Beirut Blast & OSINT Webinar

In case you missed out on the chance to watch our webinar about the Beirut Blast, which was presented on the 18th of August, you can now access the video recording of it.

The webinar was presented by SAIL LABS employees Mark Pfeiffer, Dominika Betakova and Alexander Oberkersch, together with two external specialists, Ramy El-Khoury and Eelco H. Dykstra.

This webinar contains discussions on the following topics:

  • Political protests before and after the Beirut blast
  • Beirut blast on August 4, its type and other information
  • Warnings and outcome
  • Conspiracy theories
  • Health Crisis 
  • Economy and migration
  • Questions & Answers

You can now watch this webinar on our YouTube channel:

Or download the Beirut Report by clicking on the button below:



Latest contribution of SAIL LABS’ Research Team to the H2020 project ROXANNE

In August, SAIL LABS’ Research team members participated at the second consortium meeting of the H2020 Project ROXANNE. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the meeting took place in a virtual environment.  


The focus of this meeting was on the latest progress in the identification of speakers by voice and the combination of such information with the outcome of network analysis methods. This powerful combination forms one of the central ideas of the ROXANNE project and is envisioned to facilitate investigative work dramatically.


In addition, the meeting dealt with the preparations for the first field-test, which will be held also virtually on September 30th. During this field-test, the first version of the ROXANNE platform will be demonstrated to the project’s end-user Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs). The platform is intended to facilitate LEAs’ criminal investigation capabilities and as of today, is equipped with a suite of audio and network analysis components of which the Automatic Speech Recognition technology is based on SAIL’s Media Mining Indexer.


Additionally, a visit from SAIL LABS´ Research team members Dorothea Thomas-Aniola and Gerhard Backfried, together with other consortium partners, took place earlier this month at the Criminal Police in Ulm, Germany. The occasion resulted in a vivid exchange of ideas for opportunities and future cooperation.

Overall framework of The H2020 ROXANNE project

The ROXANNE project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement № 833635.


SAIL LABS included in the exclusive 2020´s Nimdzi Language Technology Atlas

SAIL LABS has been recently added to the exclusive 2020´s Nimdzi Language Technology Atlas. Nimdzi is a market research and international consulting agency located in Seatle, which is focused on language service providers, enterprises and government agencies.

In this year’s edition of the Nimdzi Language Technology Atlas, data from 700 technology solutions providers from 25 countries was collected from April-May 2020.

The infographic from this research is publicly available at and it includes SAIL LABS´ Media Mining Indexer amongst other renowned Speech Recognition solutions. 


Coming soon: New Media Mining System 2020-1 Release

We are glad to inform that the quality control testing of the newest additional features and improvements of our award-winning Media Mining System is almost done, and the 2020-1 Release will be very soon announced. Find out more about the latest version of our system in our next newsletter!


Social Media TOP POSTS

In case you have missed our social media posts, you can find our three most popular tweets in August below! Access their full content by clicking on them.

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