Fully Automated Quantitative Reports

Fully Automated Quantitative Reports

The Fully Automated Quantitative Report (FAQR) is a configurable, flexible, timely report generator to produce structured documents. Powered by the Media Mining Client Web (MMC-Web), the FAQR delivers information on a topic of interest (a country, a person, an organization or any profile or entity added to the system). It allows real-time updates which can be

printed or shared electronically. Ultimately, it combines benefits from various possibilities of the system, such as multilingual and multimedia data from selected sources like TV, radio, web pages, RSS & feeds, internet videos, social media channels and press in more than 30 languages.

Fully Automated Quantitative Report's benefits

  • Time-saving
    Once queries, widgets and a schedule of interest are set, SAIL LABS MMC-Web generates and distributes structured,
    quantitative results automatically in seconds
  • Customizable
    The structure of reports are widely adjustable – users can select which widgets to include and how to arrange them
  • Flexible
    An infinite amount of topics can become themes of reports
  • Available for scheduling
    The user chooses the report generation frequency (for instance every hour, every day, once a week and so on)
  • Automatically disseminated
    Generated reports are automatically distributed to a list of e-mail addresses from designated recipients
  • Fundament for additional investigation
    The automatically generated reports can serve as a fundament for further analysis, due to hyperlinks in the
    generated PDFs. Reports can be edited and amended in Microsoft Word or other similar applications.

On which topics can we create a FAQR?

Any topic of interest can become a theme for a report, for instance, different events, elections, diseases, companies, persons, countries, and many others. You can find a sample of the structure of these reports in the preview below, where one of our FAQR on COVID-19 was used as an example.  

You can also download a sample of a FAQR on the current situation in Syria on the 2nd of July 2020, by clicking on the button below. 

In order to receive a sample with an updated FARQ on COVID-19 or an overview of Syria with the latest data about the topic, please fill in the form below. You will be informed with current insights about the media coverage of the topic of interest.