Use case: Coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria

Use case: Coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria

So far, Nigeria has 1 thousand cases of infection with COVID-19 and 40 people died (Source: John Hopkins’ Coronavirus Resource Center).

A 15-member Chinese medical team arrived on the 8th of April to help local doctors tackle the Coronavirus pandemic, which was a subject to controversy (Source: Africanews).

The Heat Map of Nigeria above shows the density of created social media posts and mentioned locations with regards to Nigeria and COVID-19 from the 2nd to the 9th of April.

Once the map is zoomed, it is possible to investigate an area of interest. What can be seen below is the social media activity coming from the area around Lagos, Nigeria’s biggest city.

What can be seen above is a snippet of 15 Twitter posts created in the area around Lagos that were inspected in detail. When examining the tweets, one can display each one of the tweets created in the area. These social media posts inspected in detail consist of 3 pictures where users confine in what they are doing during the quarantine. Other Tweets consist of opinions, fears and recommendations on how to avoid the spread of the virus.

These were the most used hashtags posted in the selected tweets created in the specific area.

  • Reactions to receiving help of Chinese medical team differ
  • Inspected tweets in a specific area close to Lagos included users’ pictures from the quarantine, opinions, fears and recommendations on how to avoid the spread of the virus
  • Most used hashtags created in the close area of Lagos involve #socialdistancing, #selfisolation, #stayathome, #lockdown and #takeresponsibility, which is consistent with tweets by social media users talking about their experience during quarantine

Cover Photo by Ovinuchi Ejiohuo on Unsplash

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