Use case: COVID-19 in South Africa

Use case: COVID-19 in South Africa

This short use case focuses on the media discourse surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic in South Africa. The visualizations in this use case were produced by SAIL LABS’ Media Mining System.

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South Africa seems to have acted faster against the spread of coronavirus, more efficiently, and more ruthlessly than many other countries around the world (Source: BBC News). The government has banned the sale of alcohol and cigarettes, as well as jogging or walking dogs during the lockdown (Source: Hindustan Times).

The Social Media Extension was used to identify the 10 most important Key Opinion Leaders in social media, who posted about the corona crisis in South Africa from 1.4 to 9-4. The stories with the highest potential reach connected to these profiles are displayed below.

South Africans face one of the strictest lockdowns introduced anywhere in the world. Police and army have enforced the horizontal isolation with rigidity.

Compared with the numbers in mid-late March when the increase in infection rates was exponential, infection rates have slowed significantly after lockdown.

South Africa´s health minister Zweli Mkinzie and president Ramaphosa express uncertainty about the decision of suspending the lockdown after April 16th.

The country’s communication minister Ms. Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams was suspended for two months (one month of which will be unpaid) after breaking COVID-19 lockdown rules.

WHO´s spokesperson Margaret Harris Says Africa is likely to deal with COVID-19 much better than the rest of the world, as the continent has experience with other outbreaks. 

South Africa asked Russia for technical expertise on infection control, lifesaving equipment for mobile testing and infection control.

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