Use case: COVID-19 in the USA

Use case: COVID-19 in the USA

This short use case focuses on the media discourse surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic in the United States of America. The following visualizations were produced by SAIL LABS’ Media Mining System. 

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The USA declared a public emergency with regards to the novel coronavirus on the 31st of January and afterwards started to implement travel restrictions (Source: NBC News). Currently, the number of COVID-19 infections is 787,960 cases, while 42,364 people died (Source: John Hopkins’ Coronavirus Research Center).

The visualization below shows that the locations mentioned the most are the New York, Florida and California. So far, Monday, the 6th of April, was declared as the New York’s deadliest day with 731 people dead (Source: New York Intelligencer).

Globe map shows the locations mentioned the most in traditional and social media with regards to the USA and COVID-19 in the week from the 1st of April to the 8th of April.

The visualization below features six Twitter posts created between the 1st to the 8th of April about the USA and COVID-19 and which could have potentially reached the most social media users.

Which social media users created those tweets and which one of them reached the most Twitter users? What were their reactions to this tweet like? And who did media mention with whom and with what sentiment? If you are interested in answers to these questions, download our full use case as a pdf below!

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