Use case: Corona crisis in Spain

Use case: Corona crisis in Spain

This use case focuses on the demonstration of the capabilities of SAIL LABS Media Mining System through the coronavirus pandemic outbreak.

Some key benefits of SAIL LABS Media Mining System for pandemic outbreaks

  • Allows continuous assessment of media coverage and public opinion in real time.
  • Suitable for monitoring punctual and permanent health promotion campaigns.
  • Sentiment Analysis of traditional and social media regarding the perceived impact of a disease and government action.
  • Event-based surveillance.
  • Rapid data collection for fast decisions.
  • Timely reporting mechanisms.
  • Social media intelligence.
  • Enables to extract data from text or audiovisual sources in languages that the users do not speak thanks to automatic speech recognition and machine translation covering 32 languages.
  • Enables situational awareness and situational understanding.

Spanish outbreak media coverage

In this example, the results provided by SAIL LABS Media Mining System help us to identify stories in the media related to the profile “Spain” and “Coronavirus” filtered by original sources from Spain. The system enables us to discover results in Spanish and to better understand the situational awareness during the virus outbreak in the country.

The Word Cloud below shows us the most often mentioned entities in the context of Coronavirus:

Trend outbreak locations

The following graph automatically generated the locations most often mentioned in different sources, such as: La Vanguardia, Heraldo de Aragon, Salamanca rtv, La Verdad, El Diario Montanes, Hoy, Information Spain, Diario Navarra, El País, El Economista, Diario De Cordoba, El Norte de Castilla, Europa Press, EFE, La Opinión de Málaga, El Periódico, Cadena COPE, La Razón, Expansión Spain, La voz de Cádiz, El Español, Huffinton Post Spain, El Correo, La Región, Qué, Cinco Días, Libertad Digital, El Mundo, Diario de Sevilla… and many other sources.

In the Trend Graph above, we can see the evolution regarding different locations in Spain during the last month. The highest value belongs to Madrid followed by Barcelona, as the primary areas are being affected.  Also, we can find Valencia, Galicia, Basque Country, Castilla y Leon, and Andalusia. There are different correlations in the graph, such as:

  • The number of cases and the increment of the information generation.
  • The fluctuation of the information declining over the weekends.
  • The two high peaks along the month. On the 12th and the 13th, the Spanish President, Pedro Sanchez, announced the new restrictions. And on the 24th, the European commission allowed the public help of 20.000 million Euros for companies during the crisis.
    On the25th, WHO declared coronavirus and Europe as the new epicenter (Spain was the second, after Italy, in number of cases).

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Which URLs are more often shared on SM?

Who are the Key Opinion Leaders on SM?

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