The usage of Media Mining Client for Election Monitoring and Political Campaigns demonstrated through Brexit use case

The usage of Media Mining Client for Election Monitoring and Political Campaigns demonstrated through Brexit use case

After the 2016 US Presidential elections and the success of the Vote Leave campaign in the UK, there could be no doubt about the significance and importance of utilizing big data in political communication. Both electoral and permanent campaigns, in order to be successful, need to regularly evaluate the public opinion of a candidate and his or her opponents, relevant issues, public image of the party, interest groups, media coverage of the race, etc. Even though data significates the power of knowledge, it appears in various forms ranging from unstructured data in text forms collected from social media to semi-structured metadata, etc. The difficulty is how to get the reliable data, make conclusions out of them and how to do it in real time without the need to be dependent on external providers of various services?

Big data are often defined in terms of 5 Vs: the huge Volume, the need for real time decision making represented by Velocity, the Variety of forms in which the data appear, the Veracity pointing out to the quality of the acquired data and the Value, which is determined by how effectively is the subject able to utilize the power of big data. The question is: How to acquire all the Vs without the need to pay various external providers to gather and analyze the data for you?

SAIL LABS Technology is a global leading provider of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) system, Automatic Speech Recognition, media monitoring, analysis and the world’s leading innovator in the field of Speech Technology. The company focuses on end-to-end systems (so the users do not need to be dependent on any external providers of services) and tools that can efficiently extract and analyze information from open sources such as social media platforms, internet articles, TV, radio, blogs, etc. The Media Mining System itself is an award-winning platform integrated for analysts and decision makers that extracts metadata and key information from multiple sources, in multiple languages and in real time.

Our Media Mining System (MMS) can help you to gain competitive advantage, make data-driven decisions and to be one step ahead of your opponents by mining the millions of publicly available data in just a few seconds!

If you are interested in using the system for election monitoring and political campaigns, download our White Paper below.

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