Hackathon with our European Language Grid*-partners

Hackathon with our European Language Grid*-partners

SAIL LABS Technology GmbH will come together with the technical European Language Grid (ELG)-partners for a hackathon.  The event will take place from the 29th of July until the 2nd of August, at the University of Sheffield, England. 

The first edition of the ELG hackathon took place earlier this year, from the 20th to the 24th of May in the city of Berlin. On the occasion, a very first end-to-end demo version of the ELG platform has been established.

In this month´s edition, SAIL LABS Technology´s Head of Development, Severin Stampler, and the Head of Research, Gerhard Backfried, will take part in the event.

The ELG project addresses the fragmentation of the European Language Technologies (LT) by establishing the ELG as the primary platform for LT in Europe.

The ELG aims to be a scalable cloud platform, providing, in an easy-to-integrate way, access to hundreds of commercial and non-commercial LT for all European languages, including running tools and services as well as data sets and resources. It will enable the commercial and non-commercial European LT community to deposit and upload their technologies and data sets into the ELG, to deploy them through the grid, and to connect with other resources. The ELG will boost the Multilingual Digital Single Market towards a thriving European LT community, creating new jobs and opportunities.

For further news about the ELG, please refer to the website: https://www.european-language-grid.eu.

* The ELG project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement № 825627.