Interview with Mark Pfeiffer

Interview with Mark Pfeiffer

Date: 29-30 November 2018
Venue: weXelerate, Praterstrasse 1, 1020 Vienna, Austria

The News Media are confronted with major challenges and opportunities arising from game-changing technological developments. This event will showcase how AI-powered technologies can help News Organisations safeguard the truthfulness and trustworthiness of their sources, stay in control of the news gathering and delivery process and empower their newsrooms, their journalists and, ultimately, their readership.

OSINT and AI to Support the Analyst in the Ever More Digital Age

Teaser Interview with Mark Pfeiffer

Mark Pfeiffer, Chief Visionary Officer @ SAIL LABS Technology will hold a speech “OSINT & AI to Support the Analyst in the Ever More Digital Age” at the conference “Fake News and other AI Challenges for the News Media in the 21st Century” (29.-30. November 2018, Vienna).

Mark Pfeiffer answered questions regarding the origin of Fake News, how Open source intelligence (OSINT) and Artificial intelligence (AI) can help and how does Fake News affect his personal life.

Q: Do you believe that Fake News is a concept that has always been part of a disinformation communication, or is it a new and more powerful tool that arose with the emergence of new media?

MP: Even though the term Fake News is quite new, it is something that has been around for a long time. The phrase itself popped up in the news only dozens of months ago, but it has always been an issue. It has changed its name, although it has not changed its format. It is pretty much the same as we have seen over the centuries, Fake News has always been there and it is something that our clients have to deal with. Therefore, I would say that it is just a new terminology.

Although, nowadays with the democratization of media it is much cheaper for actors to implement and disseminate such information quickly, which could have an immediate impact.

We have always been aware of media influences and various propaganda being done, however, in my opinion, any information or any data is valuable. Even though something is not true, it reveals a certain intention of the actor to propagate certain elements in the communication with regards to opinion shaping.

Q: Does Fake News also affect your personal life?

MP: In my opinion, people overshare things and are much more gullible, which I find quite distressing. Regarding myself, it leads to many, many new conversations and discussions about what is true and what is not. Regrettably, people do not question news as much as they used to.

The fact that some information confirms what people had been thinking does not make it automatically true. I believe that questioning media and their validity is something that needs to be done.

Q: If there were perfect OSINT and AI solutions for detecting Fake News, do you think they should be accessible for anyone for free?

MP: From a humanist point of view, I would say yes, it should be free for all. Although, from a business point of view, people who would work on countering Fake News through AI would need to be paid. Therefore, freely available is probably a better term, meaning that it should be available to all those who are interested in using this kind of solution and I think we as a company are very reasonable when it comes to price.

Q: What do you expect from the conference?

MP: I am very excited for many of the speakers and I expect to learn some new things. Moreover, I am also very much looking forward to the evening event at the beautiful city of Vienna which I call home and I will be able to show it to amazing people who are attending. To sum up, I expect two interesting days!

Looking forward to seeing you in Vienna and have a wonderful day!

Medium Bio:

Mark P. Pfeiffer is the Chief Visionary Officer of SAIL Labs Technology and is responsible for speech application projects for homeland security, law enforcement and other security domains at SAIL LABS Technology. Educated in Germany and the United States in economics and aeronautics, he has spent more than two decades consulting in those fields and works in many nations across the globe primarily in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. In 2006, he co-founded the EUROSINT forum as a venue for the exchange of ideas and concepts. He currently still holds the chair in technology gaps on the board.

If you are interested in learning more about the interplay of Fake News, OSINT and AI and how can these tools be used to counter Fake News, do not miss Mark Pfeiffer’s speech on 29th November 2018! Save your spot on

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