The Launch of the MMCWeb

The Launch of the MMCWeb

We are proud to announce the launch of the SAIL LABS Media Mining Client for Web. 

The web-based user interface supports most modern web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari on various operating systems, including Windows, OSX, iOS, Android that will be adapt the user interface to the screen size of the device. This allows the Media Mining Client to be accessed remotely, giving the user many benefits from doing quick instant search from any device to scheduling quantitative reports. 

With your SAIL LABS subscription/Web Demo credentials you will be able to access the MMCWeb.

Here are the main features of the MMC Web:

The SAIL LABS Dashboard feature allows the user to compare visualisations relating to certain search term focusing on different time periods or even in real time.

The dashboard allows the user to add different visualisation widgets such as:

  • Globe
  • Html/Text
  • Text
  • Pie
  • Relations
  • Result Count
  • Search Media
  • Search Results
  • SME Geo Details
  • SME Stars
  • Statistics
  • Story Bookmarks
  • Trends
  • Word Cloud

You can add as many widgets as you desire and can focus them on different time periods and/or even real time.

Automatic Quantitative Report

Quantitative reports can now automatically generated and scheduled to be sent out at specific date.

  1. Set up visualisation to be included in report
  2. Select when the report should be sent out, every hour, day, week, month or year.
  3. Add email/s to whom the report should be sent to.
  4. Click save and reports will be automatically generated and sent.


Setting up profiles allows the system to identify certain entities such as organizations, countries, individuals etc., in the search results to assist to analyze the results accurately. Having access to the profile manager workspace on the MMCWeb allows the user to add or remove profiles that will automatically be added to the system.

Social Media Extension

The Social Media Extension is also free accessible on the MMCWeb.

Media Browser
The Media Browser on the MMCWeb has a new efficient filter option that is different to the MMC Desktop.

Options Menu

On the MMCWeb we have introduced a new Option and Tool bar, the Option Menu is located on the left and the tool bar is located on the top right to make the user experience easier.


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