Combined Image and Word Spotting: CIMWOS

Combined Image and Word Spotting: CIMWOS

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This project aims to facilitate common procedures of archiving and retrieval of audio-visual material.The participating organisations in this project come from various countries like France, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, and Greece.The objective of the project is to develop and integrate a robust unrestricted keyword spotting algorithm and an efficient image-spotting algorithm specially designed for digital audio-visual content, leading to the implementation and demonstration of a practical system for efficient retrieval in multimedia databases. Specifically, a system will be developed to automatically retrieve images, video, and speech frames from an audio-visual database based on keywords entered by the user through keyboard or speech.

Today, a vast amount of information is accumulated in the form of video, pictures, and audio, which does not lend itself to automated searching. To improve the usability of these invaluable resources, indexing techniques are required, which are currently very expensive and time-consuming tasks mainly carried out manually by experts. In view of the expansion of the digital television and of video-based communications and related applications the need for an editor-like tool that allows the user to see/hear, select/modify and search audio-visual databases becomes indispensable. Although some European projects are addressing the issue of automated indexing of audio-visual material based on subtitles and speech recognition, the problem of locating important video clips based on their image contents has not been addressed. CIMWOS will use a dual audio and visual approach to locate important clips within multimedia material employing state-of-the-art algorithms for both image and speech recognition.

The CIMWOS system will be a powerful tool in the hands of the world of media and television, video, news broadcasting, show business, advertisement, and any organisation that produces, markets and/or broadcasts video and audio programmes. It will facilitate common procedures of retrieving audio-visual material during a research, a production of a documentary, etc. Utilizing the vast amounts of information accumulated in audio and video, the CIMWOS system will become an invaluable assistant in promoting the re-use of existing resources and cutting down the budgets for new productions.

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