KIRAS (MDL – Multimedia Documentation Lab)

KIRAS (MDL – Multimedia Documentation Lab)

The KIRAS framework aims at supporting Austrian governmental organizations as well as companies in their activities in the area of improving security-standards. Situation reports as well as analyses of trends form the core elements of the project. The analysis of content plays a strategic role in both areas. Whereas in the past, the focus was placed on textual content, nowadays the globally ever-increasing proliferation of multimedia content requires a broadening of the scope onto new content components. National as well as international audio-, video- and multimedia-content has to be integrated into situation reports as well as form the basis for long-term-trend-analyses in addition to text-documents.

Over the past years, the user (who has been in charge of processing open-source information) has been confronted with the increase of importance of multimedia-content. The proportion of multimedia data increases dramatically, both in quantity as well as quality. The diversity and improvement of quality lends itself to wider fields of use. Consequently, the integration of multimedia content has become an issue of most importance. The offer by the industrial partner to alleviate the existing deficits by employing an existing product only forms part of the target solution of the problem. This is why together with partners covering the required skill profile a scientifically sound solution will be developed in cooperation with the user.

To devise an optimal scheme for the knowledge representation as well as organization of multimedia content poses a special challenge for the project. These schemes will be developed according to up-to-date scientific as well as technical methodologies. The architecture of the demonstrator (prototype) will be a modular one, so as to optimize the synergy for other security-relevant users (governmental or private). The modules will comprise technologies to process multimedia content of varying degrees of quality and quantity. In a subsequent step, data will be analyzed and made searchable according to the latest scientifically founded methodologies. New terminology will be generated along the way.

The core module will provide analysis and visualization functionalities according to a wide array of criteria. Content will be made searchable using the created technologies.  Multimedia content can thus be linked into an analysis or situation report system via a push or pull mechanism. Within the scope of the project, special attention will be paid to the human-aspect. This is done in order to avoid an overflow of information and to best fulfill ergonomic requirements.

The intended use of the system is to allow experts to efficiently generate more realistic and high-quality situation reports in the face of critical situations. Subsequently, these can be employed for communication with the population of Austria and to increase its security and sense of security – target goals of the KIRAS framework. Civilian crisis-scenarios as well as economic or further security-relevant scenarios can be addressed (e.g. large-scale events or bottlenecks in supplies).

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