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Talk, Tutor, Explore, Learn:
Intelligent Tutoring and Exploration for Robust Learning

During a three year working period a platform will be developed that will teach young learners (5-11 years) mathematics. The utilized technology is really innovative and will be able to recognize which is the best exercise for that particular student. Moreover it allows to create more intuitive interfaces based on speech interacting. The use of natural language, instead of Keyboard and Mouse, will be helpful to young children, who are not already familiar with the written form.


  • Provide an open source platform for Intelligent Support Systems,
    in particular Intelligent Tutoring Systems, integrated with structured
    practice and exploratory conceptually oriented learning.
  • Provide state-of-the-art and highly innovative reference implementations of plugins
    for the platform that could be used in wide range of application domains such as

    • Recommender systems for collecting student actions,
      building student profiles and adaptive control of single-student tutoring
    • Analysis and reasoning components for supporting
      effective interaction with exploratory activities
    • Speech recognition for a conversational channel via voice
  • Promote our understanding of the role of the different modalities of speech
    and direct manipulation and multiple and alternative representations
    in learning elementary mathematics through digital technologies
  • A summative evaluation of activities and support features
    generated by our intelligent learning support platform

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ITalk2Learn is a collaborative research project funded by the
European Comission 7th Framework Programme Call 8 (FP7-ICT-2011-8).