Multilingual Sentiment Analysis on Data of the Refugee Crisis in Europe

Multilingual Sentiment Analysis on Data of the Refugee Crisis in Europe

submitted to 5th International Conference on Data Analytics, IARIA 2016, Venice, Italy, Oct 9-13, 2016

The refugee crisis in Europe was one of the biggest challenges in summer-autumn2015. The problem drew the highest attention in media and was the discussion topic of politicians and responsible organizations. The current article presents multilingual sentiment analysis of the traditional media content covering the topic. Sentiment analysis forms an integral part of multifaceted media analysis. The data set comprises relevant articles from eighty of the most circulated traditional media sources in English, German, Russian and Spanish, compiled in the course of three months. The temporal sentiment classification per language demonstrates how the attitude towards the crisis differs across the languages and geographical areas. The further sentiment analysis and visualizations of various aspects illustratein details the distribution of positivity/negativity among media sources and their target languages.

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