Open Source Intelligence for Traditional- and Social Media Sources – The Sail Labs Media Mining System for OSINT

submitted to The 10th International Conference on e-Business (iNCEB2015), November 23-24, 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

In this paper we describe the Sail Labs Media Mining (MM) System, a state-of-the-art end-to-end Open-Source-Intelligence (OSINT)systemcapable of processing large amounts of data such as typically gathered from open sourcesin unstructured form. Audio, video and textual content from traditional as well as social sources are ingested, processed and made available for search and retrieval, analysis and visualization.Processing is performed by amodular set of technologies packaged as components and covering a large variety of formats and languages. The system can serve as a search platform across open, isolated or secured networksand can be used as a tool for situational awareness, information sharing or risk assessment and supports the complete range of phases in the OSINT-cycle.

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