SAIL LABS Announces Availability of Release Version 2015-2

SAIL LABS Announces Availability of Release Version 2015-2

SAIL LABS Technology is proud to announce the following component updates and upgrades of its product suite with the major innovations being the design change of the Media Mining Client User Interface as well as the development and integration of a Social Media Extension.

“After many years of organic growth of the Media Mining Client, adding many features and options, it became apparent that in order to enhance the ease of use, improve structure, maintain extensibility for the future and adapt to the latest user interface standards, an effort to redesign and reorganize the Media Mining Client User Interface is imperative. This 2015-2 release – carefully crafted and rigorously tested – delivers a modern, efficient, and easy-to-use UI.” Mag. Christoph Prinz, Managing Director of SAIL LABS Technology, stated.

About the significance of a Social Media Extension he said:

“Social Media – such as Twitter, Facebook and others – have gained influence and attention in the media mining and monitoring field. New collection techniques, analytic indicators and visualisations have emerged over recent months. The Social Media Extension to the Media Mining System, consisting of both – new collection and new analytics as well as visualisations – provides the latest advances in the field, uniquely combined with previous Media Mining System media support, for an unprecedented integrated media analytics power tool.”

Software updates include bug fixes and small feature enhancements.
Software upgrades include all updates plus significant software changes and new features.
Depending on the individual maintenance agreements, customers are eligible to receive such product releases. Update and upgrade versions of the Media Mining Indexer are made available via ftp-download.
Customers with corresponding service agreements and remote access for the SAIL LABS Support Team shall receive the versions via remote maintenance.

Click the download button to get the Release Notes.

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