SAIL LABS Announces Availability of Release Version 2014-2 and Media Mining Indexer 6.3

SAIL LABS Announces Availability of Release Version 2014-2 and Media Mining Indexer 6.3

SAIL LABS Technology, one of the top providers of speech technology solutions, is proud to announce the following component updates and upgrades of SAIL LABS products:



  • Support for dynamic re-branding (logo replacement)
  • Support for adding references to profile properties (references can be Open Source Information items, Profiles, or arbitrary textual links)
  • User interface for creating and associating profiles in the Ontology viewer
  • Scheduling of web collection entries per host and feeder instance
  • Support for scheduling web sites without RSS feed
  • Time range filter is optional for search and retrieval of workflow data items
  • Implementation of lazy loading for large text and binary properties of data items, for faster retrieval of search results
  • Flow direction (left-to-right or right-to-left) can be specified for each data item
  • Default can be set in Media Mining Client settings
  • API documentation
  • API call for retrieving snippets of workflow data items, based on current search parameters
  • Support for migration to Oracle 12c and Oracle Linux of database server
  • Port to DevExpress version 13.2


  • Support for sentiment analysis, i.e. classification of text segments into positive, negative, neutral or mixed sentiment
  • Currently supported languages: US and International English, German and Russian
  • Support for continuous intermittent result output, without final XML result, which increases performance in cases where collective results are not required.
  • Support for licensing using a central license manager/server (LiMa), which is intended for use with cloud based use cases.
  • Script-based building of language models using lmtscript.



  • Update of Arabic, French and German label translations
  • Added new controls for picking selected time range start and end, for easier editing of search time range
  • Provide handle to resize and hide filter control, to increase space for displayed search results
  • Automatically load next search results, if more space is available in search results
  • Limit number of schedulable web and social collection entries, according to licensing
  • Ensure that user is warned of unsaved profiles on close
  • Improve behavior when switching away from unsaved profile
  • Provide context menu in profile favorites, similar to the one in profile navigator
  • Remove redundant New Profile button from favorites context menu
  • Display of images attached to episodes in StoryView
  • Improvements of Ontology ribbon buttons
  • Improvements of Report editor ribbon buttons
  • Improve automatic clip creation, to avoid creating multiple clips if more than one clip query matches a story
  • Ability to minimize login dialog while application is starting
  • Remove quoting of queries imported from user queries
  • Enhancement of clip query definition
  • Improved appearance of Remove Category button in Selected Categories list view of Open Source information item
  • Provide undo functionality in ontology editor
  • In rich edit controls, invert cursor movement according to document flow direction
  • Improve performance of Suggest Open Source Information item for Report view, by applying result paging
  • Show count of referenced and suggested Open Source Information item in chapter tree of reports
  • Don’t refresh report or chapter locks in edit mode, to avoid undesirable interruption while typing



  • Introduce additional log level (Info) to produce more compact log files, while keeping the option to produce more verbose logs
  • Deploy log viewer and highlighting settings together with Media Mining Feeder (MMF) for easier log file inspection
  • Replace log archiving implementation, NLogs built-in archival feature
  • Add command-line options to MMFConsumerService standalone to produce XML and MP4 from meta file and media file.


Software updates include bug fixes and small feature enhancements.
Software upgrades include all updates plus significant software changes and new features.
Depending on the individual maintenance agreements, customers are eligible to receive such product releases. Update and upgrade versions of the Media Mining Indexer are made available via ftp-download.

Customers with corresponding service agreements and remote access for the SAIL LABS Support Team shall receive the versions via remote maintenance.

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