SAIL LABS Technology Unveils New English Language Feature

SAIL LABS Technology Unveils New English Language Feature

SAIL LABS Technology, the leading provider of speech technology solutions, today announced the immediate availability of the newly improved International English language feature for its award-winning Media Mining System suite of products.

The Media Mining System provides an integrated platform for decision makers in a diversity of languages: It automatically records, harvests and ingests data from multiple sources such as TV, radio, electronic documents and the Internet (social media, blogs, feeds, web pages) and creates valuable metadata and key information out of it. Subsequently, this output can be used for future search, retrieval, visualization and analysis.

“English is the dominant and in some cases even the legally required international language in a multitude of economies, professions and industries such as aerial and maritime communications and for international organizations like the United Nations. This is why modern English is often described as the first global “lingua franca”. Keeping the International English language feature up-to-date is of utmost importance to us and reflects the significance of English as a key language for IT, media and communication. This latest update forms part of our continuous effort to keep language features, vocabularies and language models up-to-date to cope with language change and presents improvements in many dimensions: The vocabulary has been substantially extended to over 85.000 words and designed to include current and important expressions, names of persons and organizations, such as “Francois Hollande”, “Wikileaks”, or “Android”. The new language feature thus provides optimal coverage for today’s media,” says Gerhard Backfried, Head of Research at SAIL LABS. “In technical terms the language model is comprised of information gathered over more than 20 years and based on approximately 1 Billion words of text. These unprecedented numbers underline the data collection and R&D investments SAIL LABS makes in its quest for quality and excellence,” he concludes.

Additional available speaker independent language features from SAIL LABS include:

Arabic, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian and Spanish.

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