SAIL LABS Technology Announces Partnership with DataScouting

SAIL LABS Technology Announces Partnership with DataScouting

SAIL LABS Technology, one of the world’s leading speech technology solution providers, and DataScouting, Greece’s leading service provider and software developer for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), announced today a new original equipment manufacturing (OEM) partnership offering leading edge technology for advanced media monitoring. With this partnership, DataScouting extends its software solutions and especially media monitoring services with industry-leading speech technology provided by the SAIL LABS’ Media Mining Indexer. In addition, DataScouting will update the Greek language feature by extending the vocabulary and customising the language model to the Greek market needs.

The Media Mining Indexer, SAIL LABS’ flagship product, enables indexing of live news feeds, press agency feeds and multimedia archives, producing annotated text output in real-time for subsequent search, retrieval, visualisation and analysis.

“Studying the media landscape is not enough. Besides, the relevance of different types of media is ever changing. Media monitoring companies need relevant information mining, focused search and categorisation technologies to stay ahead of the curve. Nowadays, media input from audio and video is increasingly important as an additional source of information that generates valuable knowledge,” states Stavros Vologiannidis, General Manager of DataScouting. “Choosing SAIL LABS was an easy decision for us as they provide quickly deployable, robust and scalable products based on state of the art automatic speech recognition. The agreement between SAIL LABS and DataScouting brings a very powerful set of technological, consulting and service expertise in the area of media monitoring to companies in Greece,” he concludes.

“The partnership with DataScouting is a perfect fit, as we complement each other in many areas. It underpins our commitment to creating technologies and solutions that enable our customers to translate their wealth of untapped information into value,” says Adi Schmidthuber, Vice President of SAIL LABS. “Intelligent media monitoring solutions are the magnifying glass for today’s decision makers. Datascouting has extensive experience as a service provider and deep knowledge of software development and market dynamics. Our technologies combined, are a perfect amalgam of intelligent media monitoring solutions,” he concludes.

About DataScouting:

DataScouting combines unique research and development expertise on Information and Communications Technologies with leading-edge business strategies to provide robust and efficient software solutions/services that keep businesses one step ahead of the competition.

Focused on client’s needs and using novel technologies, DataScouting offers media archiving, knowledge discovery and management solutions for the private and public sector, managing data sources ranging from scanned documents, to video/audio feeds.

DataScouting provides media monitoring companies a scalable, distributed and modular press, internet and social media monitoring platform that can either be installed at the client’s premises or used as a cloud service, with features such as OCR, full text indexing, topic detection, logo detection, sentiment analysis etc.

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