SAIL LABS Announces Availability of Italian Version of Media Mining System

SAIL LABS Announces Availability of Italian Version of Media Mining System

SAIL LABS Technology, a leading provider of speech technology solutions, today announced the immediate availability of the Italian version of its award-winning Media Mining System. Based on a suite of best-of-breed technologies such as large vocabulary automatic speech recognition, speaker identification, detection of named entities and topics, visualization solutions and ontologies, the Media Mining System provides an integrated platform for decision makers, creating metadata and key information from multimedia sources in multiple languages in real-time.

“We are very happy to add another major European language to our large portfolio of supported languages. The development of the Italian language feature was driven by market needs and reflects the importance of the Italian language not only within Europe but also on a global scale,“says Adi Schmidthuber, Vice President at SAIL LABS Technology. “The engine is characterised by an outstanding robust 24/7 performance in recognising the Italian language and is coupled with a very large vocabulary base of 90.000 + words of highest quality,” he concludes.

The importance of the Italian market is represented by the fact that Italian is spoken by 65 million people (mother tongue), mainly in Italy and a further 6.7 million outside the country. Including all Italian speakers in non-EU European countries and on other continents the total number of speakers is more than 85 million.

Typical application areas for the Italian Media Mining System are Broadcast News Indexing for Newsrooms of TV-, Radio-stations and Press Agencies, Media Observation Organisations and Open Source Intelligence units.

Additional available speaker independent language features from SAIL LABS include:

Arabic, American & British English, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Mandarin Chinese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and Spanish.

Each language is available with a Language Model Toolkit (LMT), enabling software developers and users to fine-tune the system’s language capabilities to address issues such as dialect pronunciations, and to add new vocabulary.

The Italian language feature requires Media Mining Indexer 6.1.4 and higher.

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