Crisis Room: Situational Awareness Across Multiple Channels

Crisis Room: Situational Awareness Across Multiple Channels

SAIL LABS Technology, one of the world’s leading innovators in the field of speech technology today announced the immediate availability of Crisis Room, its latest ground-breaking product for real-time intelligence gathering across multiple TV- & radio channels.

The function of the Crisis Room is to monitor dozen (or hundreds) of TV & Radio channels or even certain keywords within these channels live at the same time.

”In crisis situations it is vital to achieve situational awareness in an instant or at least as quickly as possible,” says Mark Pfeiffer Chief Visionary Officer at Sail Labs. “The idea that led to the product development of Crisis Room was to build a system, which could enhance the decision-support of management and analysts in crisis, such as financial breakdowns, natural disasters, industrial accidents, or targeted acts of violence, to name a few. We got inspired by the work with our clients, their feedback and by observing how current products of SAIL LABS are used and where the operational gaps and needs are. With Crisis Room the enhancement of situational awareness and understanding has been ground-breaking. Now, after extensive testing and modifications together with our lead clients in operational environments, we have certified the software to be in product stage,” concludes Mark Pfeiffer.

Crisis Room simultaneously monitors various live media-streams across multiple channels, geographies and languages for matches to search and alert criteria in real-time. During this process of monitoring users can perform “live searches”, i.e. they can search for a specific keyword across any number of live channels without watching the original video. The system collects the results automatically and alerts the user as new matches to his search criteria occur. The amount and type of channels monitored can be selected and arranged freely according to the user’s needs and are visualised on industry standard video walls or projectors.

Crisis Room is based on automatic speech recognition and indexing technology – produced by SAIL LABS R&D – which has been successfully used in other SAIL LABS products, like the award-winning Media Mining System.

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