SAIL LABS and DAEDALUS Enter Partnership

SAIL LABS Technology, a leading provider of speech technology solutions, and DAEDALUS, the Spanish market leader in the field of Language Technologies, today announced a partnership for integration of SAIL LABS’ Media Mining Indexer with DAEDALUS’s solutions for multilingual and multimedia search.

The Media Mining Indexer is based on automatic speech recognition and indexing technology, developed and owned by SAIL LABS Technology. It enables indexing of live news feeds and multimedia archives, producing annotated text output in real-time for subsequent multimedia search and retrieval. Besides, DAEDALUS will develop language models adapted to the needs of its clients.

“By combining our industry-leading technology solutions we will open the door to promising opportunities thereby strengthening both SAIL LABS’ and DAEDALUS’ position in the Spanish market. We believe that the collaboration will advance speech and multimedia analysis solutions in key target markets in Spain and Latin America,” said Adi Schmidthuber, VP Sales & Marketing at SAIL LABS.


DAEDALUS-Data, Decisions and Language, S.A. is a leading company in Spain in the areas of Language Technologies, Business Intelligence and the Semantic Web.

Guided by its spirit of innovation, DAEDALUS is strongly committed with research activities in these areas, providing advanced solutions to its clients.

The most relevant software product lines at DAEDALUS are:

  • STILUS: product line in language technology: multilingual spell, grammar and style checkers, linguistic analysis, named entities recognition, semantic annotation, translation, etc.
  • K-Site: product line in Knowledge Management: indexing, classification and retrieval of multilingual and multimedia contents, business rules solutions, etc.

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