SAIL LABS Releases Media Mining Indexer 5.0

SAIL LABS Releases Media Mining Indexer 5.0

SAIL LABS Technology, one of the world’s leading speech technology solution providers, today announced the immediate availability of Media Mining Indexer 5.0., the new major release of its flagship product for broadcast news indexing:

Based on the feedback of a worldwide client base and partner network, SAIL LABS has refined its flagship product to enhance performance, ease of use, robustness and standards compliance. Thus, the new release marks a significant milestone in the product development of the Media Mining Indexer.

The Media Mining Indexer is built on SAIL LABS’ own award winning speech recognition, providing best-of-breed large-scale speech processing and language technology. Thus, it enhances data from video and audio sources by transcribing, translating and indexing it automatically in a variety of languages, such as Arabic, international English (US and UK), French, German, Greek, Norwegian, Polish, Russian and Spanish.

Standard Features:

  • Automatic Speech Recognition enables accurate conversion of speech to text, even with high levels of background noise.
  • Speaker Change Detection segregates audio segments based on speaker for focused information retrieval.
  • Speaker Identification classifies “who” has been saying “what” in the news.
  • Topic Classification helps locating stories relating to user-specific interests.
  • Named Entity Detection makes finding relevant information easier by highlighting words within the text output that belong to certain categories (persons, locations, organizations).

New features in this release include:

  • New languages
    – Polish
    – Russian
    – Norwegian
  • Operating Systems: Windows and Linux
    Speech Engine, sample client application and C++ API for creating custom client programs are now available for both Windows and Linux.
  • Speech Engine
    – Major improvement in LMT-generated models
    – Improved speaker segmentation and  clustering
    – Major stability improvements
    – Enhanced named entity system (NED)
    – Improved logging (both in terms of quality and quantity)
  • Language Model Tool
    – Parallelization for multi-processor/multi-core environments
    – Improved accuracy

“With this major release we’re not only integrating new language features along with accuracy and stability improvements, but are also able to address a wider market: Speech engine, standard client program and API are now available for both Windows and Linux, giving more flexibility to our customers. The Media Mining Indexer 5.0 is an impressive new release and we encourage partners and clients around the world to explore it,” says Christoph Prinz, CEO of SAIL LABS Technology.

Media Mining Indexer 5.0 is available immediately from SAIL LABS and its global network of partners to new customers and to registered customers with Support & Maintenance Contracts including updates.

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