SAIL LABS and Pluggd Enter Partnership

SAIL LABS and Pluggd Enter Partnership

SAIL LABS Technology, the recognized leader in automatic broadcast news transcription software, and Pluggd, a Seattle-based audio-video search and advertising targeting service, announced today a powerful partnership to offer leading edge technology in audio video search for advertisers and content providers.

Mark Pfeiffer, VP for Business Development and Communications at SAIL LABS, is excited: “It is the coolest application I have seen in years. HearHere is a leading edge technology in audio video search and at the same time user friendly. I am impressed with what Pluggd did on the base of our Media Mining Indexer technology.”

”The Media Mining Indexer’s Automatic Speech Recognition capabilities are state of the art,” said Jonathan Thompson, CTO of Pluggd. “The system’s well documented and supported API allowed us to do extensive customisation, and facilitated its quick integration into our system.”

Pluggd is a media search service that reinvents the way users discover audio and video on the Internet, and provides powerful ways for advertisers and content providers to touch consumers with relevant advertising. With Pluggd, audience members easily search and navigate inside audio and video media using a clever, intuitive “heat map” interface.

Pluggd is moving search beyond keywords by mining the massive amount of information on the Internet to find statistical relationships between words. By constantly crawling the Internet, the Pluggd search engine learns how concepts change, and uses that knowledge to provide more relevant search results.

First released in 2001, the Media Mining Indexer enables indexing of live news feeds and multimedia archives, producing annotated text output in real-time to be used in digital asset management systems for subsequent multimedia search and retrieval.

The Media Mining Indexer is not limited to the German-speaking market, but available for English, French, Spanish, Greek and Arabic. It also comes with an optional feature of full text machine translation, making transcripts of audio and video programs in any of the above-mentioned languages accessible.

The Media Mining Indexer is based on automatic speech recognition and indexing technology – produced by SAIL LABS R&D – which has been successfully used in other SAIL LABS products, like the PodMining System, the Communication Mining® Framework and ROSIDS, a solution for automated subtitling of broadcast news.

About Pluggd

Pluggd was founded in February 2006 to make it easier for people to discover, enjoy and share Internet audio and video programming. The company’s patent-pending technologies and HearHere search feature make it easy for consumers to find precisely what they want within an Internet broadcast. With radio and television increasingly turning to the Internet for distribution, Pluggd also makes it uniquely possible to connect advertisers with new audiences. In addition, the company’s website boasts one of the largest collections of audio programming on the Internet, everything from ESPN to independent podcasts. Pluggd is located in Seattle and is run by a team with strong backgrounds in digital media, consumer Internet, and search technologies. For more information, and a chance to sample HearHere, visit

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