SAIL LABS and Enter Contract

SAIL LABS and Enter Contract

SAIL LABS Technology, a leading provider of real-time broadcast news transcription and indexing technology, is pleased to announce that it has signed a contract with, a Bremen(Germany)-based Media Observation company, to offer a unique European portal for fully automatic audio and video clipping services. On the base of SAIL LABS’ Media Mining Indexer technology, this highly innovative full-service portal provides commercial and media users as well as radio-/TV stations with solutions ranging from media analysis to media monitoring.

“ is focused on speed, quality and efficiency. In today’s world, with an ever-increasing number of TV and radio stations broadcasting 24/7, it is nearly impossible to provide users with comprehensive clipping services in real-time. Plus: Manual solutions for audio clipping leave much to be desired in terms of speed, quality and (cost-) efficiency,” said Nils Kohle, CEO at “This impact led us to seek an automated solution in order to keep pace with the media market and respond to the demands of the Public Relations and Corporate Communications environment. Thanks to the automatic speech recognition and indexing technology provided by SAIL LABS, we are now able to represent the results in real-time, at lower prices and in better quality. Above all, we are capable of monitoring and indexing up to 140 radio and TV channels and more in parallel,” concluded Nils Kohle. “One of the reasons we chose the SAIL LABS Media Mining Indexer was for the leading edge Automatic Speech Recognition technology and its ease of use.”

The Media Mining Indexer is based on automatic speech recognition and indexing technology, developed and owned by SAIL LABS Technology. It enables indexing of live news feeds and multimedia archives, producing annotated text output in real-time for subsequent multimedia search and retrieval.

“We are excited to help starting up this unique business solution offered by The service portal enables users to easily retrieve qualitative information on advertising effectiveness, media analysis and advertising evaluation,” said Adi Schmidthuber, VP Sales & Marketing at SAIL LABS. “Getting this time-sensitive information into the hands of PR- & Marketing professionals quickly and in a user-friendly format is important. We are honoured that selected SAIL LABS to help add value to their services.”

“By combining our technology with mediaclipping’s expert knowledge, we will broaden and deepen possible fields of application: From ad tracking, for Marketing Mix Models and advertising ROI (return on investment) calculations, to competition and trend analysis, we will help make it possible”, concluded Adi Schmidthuber.


Founded in 2006, mediaclipping GmbH is a startup company financed through venture capital and based in Bremen, Germany. CEO is Nils T. Kohle. Apart from executive functions, the Hanseatic city also concentrates the central services such as project management, development, marketing and sales. The company’s shareholders are a well-balanced mix of private, strategic and financial investors, including Redalpine Venture Fund from Switzerland, nordwest Kapitalbeteiligungsgesellschaft of the Sparkasse Bremen, database specialist PictureSafe media/data/bank GmbH and private investors as Detlef Hanke, Andreas Hanitsch, Jan Andresen, Peter Schüpbach and Martin van Os.

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