SAIL LABS Announces the Annual Conference of the EUROSINT Forum in Brussels

SAIL LABS Announces the Annual Conference of the EUROSINT Forum in Brussels

SAIL LABS Technology, co-founder of the EUROSINT Forum (European Open Source Intelligence Forum) announces the EUROSINT general assembly and gathering in Brussels. “I look forward to another conference of the open source intelligence community under the EUROSINT umbrella. We have been able to help establish a platform where information of various Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) users and solution providers, of which we are one, come together and share their needs and haves and thus enable all members of the Forum to focus their attention to the addressed issues. OSINT is still the most cost-efficient and valuable information source available,” said Mark P. Pfeiffer, VP Business Development and Communications at SAIL LABS, and chair of the “EUROSINT Technology Gaps Group”.

The EUROSINT Forum is a non-profit organization, dedicated to European cooperation and use of OSINT in order to assist in preventing risks and threats to peace, safety and security. Founded by private information and strategic intelligence providers, it was set up to provide a conversation and knowledge sharing environment for its members, in order to exchange OSINT methodologies and requirements. Associate members include various governmental institutions and public sector bodies (e.g. International Organizations). The combined brainpowers of the Forum’s high-profile specialists promote relevant scientific and technical development and the pooling of R&D activities at the EU level.

Note: OSINT is a collaborative gathering and analysis of information from open (i.e. publicly available) sources. The term “open source intelligence” is not related to open-source software.

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