SAIL LABS Technology Confirms Participation in the 7th Framework Programme

SAIL LABS Technology Confirms Participation in the 7th Framework Programme

SAIL LABS Technology, a leading provider of speech and multimedia analysis software, today confirmed its participation in the seventh framework programme at the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) kick-off meeting. The Seventh Framework Programme for research and technological development (FP7) is the European Union’s chief instrument for funding research over the period 2007 to 2013.

Innovation in Understanding

SAIL LABS’s innovators explore the unknown, invent next-generation technology and create new business and shareholder value through continuous expertise and innovation. Core research is conducted to advance the state of the art in Speech and Language Understanding. Research at SAIL LABS’ is co-financed partly by the European Commission and by several research programs funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology.

Current Research at Sail Labs

The R&D department at SAIL LABS develops all key technologies with a common vision of continuous innovation at the leading edge of linguistic and IT research. SAIL LABS has a proven track record in research and is participating in various research programs cooperating with universities and research institutes and organisations of international importance, such as CMU (Carnegie Mellon University), Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, FAST, University of Leuven, Xerox Research Center Europe, University of Strathclyde and BeTV.

Latest SAIL LABS’ projects funded by the European Union include:

PHAROS:PHAROS is a comprehensive research project that will provide an advanced audiovisual search platform. Starting in January 2007, the PHAROS project will run for three years, involving 13 partners in 9 different countries.

DIVAS:DIVAS targets the design, implementation and demonstration of a multimedia search engine, based on advanced direct video and audio search algorithms. It is applied on encoded, compact and standards adhering representation formats of the content inside search databases.

REVEAL THIS: Retrieval of video and language for the home user in an information society.

Other EC- projects successfully completed under previous framework programmes are:

CIMWOS: Combined Image and Word Spotting – successfully completed in 2004.

V-Man: Intelligent dialog between human user and avatar in a virtual 3D environment – successfully completed in 2004.

MISTRAL: Measurable Intelligent and Reliable Semantic Extraction and Retrieval of Multimedia Data.

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