SAIL LABS Releases Media Mining Indexer 4.2

SAIL LABS Releases Media Mining Indexer 4.2

SAIL LABS Technology, one of the world’s leading speech technology solution providers, today announced the availability of Media Mining Indexer 4.2, the latest version of its flagship product for broadcast news indexing.

First released in 2002, the Media Mining Indexer enables indexing of live news feeds and multimedia archives, producing annotated text output in real-time to be used in digital asset management systems for subsequent multimedia search and retrieval. The SAIL LABS Media Mining Indexer is built on SAIL LABS’ proprietary, award-winning speech processing and language technology:

  • Automatic Speech Recognition for accurate conversion of speech to text
  • Speaker Change Detection segregates audio segments based on speaker for focused information retrieval
  • Speaker Identification classifies “who” has been saying “what” in the news.
  • Topic Classification helps locating stories relating to user-specific interests.
  • Named Entity Detection makes finding relevant information easier by highlighting words within the text output that belong to certain categories (e.g. persons, locations, organizations).

Media Mining Indexer 4.2 extends the product’s existing features with:

  • Reduced latency of the Speech Recognition
  • Major speed improvement in Named Entity Detection
  • Availability of an integrated package using Microsoft Installer for Indexer, Language Model Tool, Media Feeder, API (this is an alternative to the traditional zip)
  • Internet License Activation allowing customers to activate their licenses irrespective of SAIL LABS office hours
  • Major speed and footprint improvement in Language Model Tool generated models
  • Improved accuracy due to enhanced language model handling (up to 15%, depending on the language)
  • Improved documentation and structure of the API and header files
  • Fixes for rare problem conditions
  • Improved logging and problem determination capability (both in terms of quality and quantity)

“Feedback from clients, who have tested the release candidate, has been excellent,” says Dr. Thomas Netousek, CEO of SAIL LABS. “We are particularly happy about the performance improvements in speed and accuracy, as well as the new License Activation via the Internet, which gives our customers much more flexibility and independence, while at the same time it frees up support resources at our end.”

Media Mining Indexer 4.2 is available as free update to licensed customers with corresponding Support & Maintenance Contracts from SAIL LABS and its global network of partners.

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