SAIL LABS Technology Partners with MCP AS-Media Content Processing to Jointly Expand Presence in Scandinavian Market

SAIL LABS Technology Partners with MCP AS-Media Content Processing to Jointly Expand Presence in Scandinavian Market

SAIL LABS Technology AG, a global provider of real-time broadcast news transcription and indexing technology, announced that it has entered into an agreement with MCP, Norway’s leading media content processing company, to jointly market speech technology solutions in the Nordic region.

Under the VAR agreement, MCP will offer customized solutions based on the award winning SAIL LABS Media Mining System to clients in the broadcasting and digital media archiving industry. The new partners will launch their technological and consulting collaboration with an English language pilot project for the largest media corporation in Scandinavia, which will be followed by the development of North European languages, starting with Norwegian and Swedish.

The SAIL LABS Media Mining System provides a real-time analysis of recorded audio and video files, including automatic speech-to-text, indexing and full text translation. Currently the system supports all major broadcasting languages (Arabic, English, French, German, Spanish and Greek). Norwegian will be the first Scandinavian language in the SAIL LABS portfolio soon to be followed by others, enabling MCP and SAIL LABS to offer media analysis solutions for the entire region.

The agreement between SAIL LABS and MCP brings a very powerful set of technological, consulting and service expertise in the area of digital media asset management and media observation to businesses in Scandinavia. “We are very happy about our future collaboration. MCP has an excellent track record in delivering content conversion and document management solutions to the traditional media monitoring market in Scandinavia”, says Adi Schmidthuber, Director of Business Development of SAIL LABS.

“The partnership with SAIL LABS is a spot on, as we complement each other perfectly in this area”, says Jan Jensen, CEO of MCP. “In addition to being amongst the world leaders in its field of technology, the experience and brand position SAIL LABS brings to this alliance is also of great importance from a marketing point of view. We will focus actively on several market segments that can benefit from our long experience and the unique technology from SAIL LABS within this area to create new and value added services for our Scandinavian clients.”

About MCP

MCP – Media Content Processing deliver software solutions for Retail Channel Management and the Media market in Scandinavia. Together with European partners, MCP offer industry standard solutions for automated processing and publishing of A/V content and printed media. MCP’s own developed product “ContentWarehouse” is a sophisticated solution for conversion of various file formats into digitized and searchable content from the WEB. For further information please visit

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