SAIL LABS Media Mining System Scores at FITEM 2005

SAIL LABS Media Mining System Scores at FITEM 2005

SAIL LABS Technology AG, the recognized leader in Speech Analytics and Broadcast News Transcription Software, was the main attraction at FITEM 2005, the annual Technical Meeting for Professional Media Monitors and their suppliers, held in Zurich, Switzerland, from 21 to 22 October 2005.

The International Association of Media Observers (FIBEP) has invited SAIL LABS to exhibit its award-winning Media Mining System – a broadcast news transcription suite offering real-time information extraction from multilingual audio and video sources – at their second industry gathering.

Almost 80 representatives of 40 FIBEP members, who attended this year’s event, had the opportunity to view live demonstrations of the Media Mining System for all currently available languages*), and were amazed by its unique capabilities. The Media Mining System also represented the only software solution targeting the audio mining and processing segment of the media monitoring industry, a market which is still predominantly focusing on traditional press clipping technologies.

“The response to our presentation was overwhelming and we expect a number of medium sized deals as direct result from FITEM”, says Christoph Prinz, COO at SAIL LABS. “Media Monitors know exactly that TV, Radio and Internet broadcast monitoring and clipping is the future of their business, and the sooner they jump on the bandwaggon the better. For us FITEM was an excellent opportunity to meet representatives of leading media monitoring companies from around the whole world at one event, which was very interesting and informative. So, if we are to be invited again next year, we will be very pleased to participate and, of course, aim to impress again with new high-tech media mining solutions.”

*) Arabic, English (US and UK), French, German, Spanish

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