SAIL LABS releases Media Mining Indexer 4.0

SAIL LABS releases Media Mining Indexer 4.0

SAIL LABS Technology, the recognized leader in speech technology solutions for broadcast news, today announced the release of the latest version of its award-winning Media Mining Indexer product, which enables indexing of live news feeds and multimedia archives, producing annotated text output in real-time to be used in digital asset management systems for subsequent multimedia search and retrieval.

One of the key factors for the global success of SAIL LABS Technology is its commitment to monitor and improve the quality of its products and services by closely listening to its customers. Based on the feedback of this worldwide client base and partner network, SAIL LABS has refined its flagship product to enhance performance, ease of use and maintainability.

The Media Mining Indexer is built on some of the best speech processing and language technology currently available – all developed and produced by SAIL LABS:

  • Automatic Speech Recognition enables accurate conversion of speech to text, even with high levels of background noise.
  • Speaker Change Detection segregates audio segments based on speaker for focused information retrieval.
  • Speaker Identification classifies “who” has been saying “what” in the news.
  • Topic Classification helps locating stories relating to user specific interests.
  • Named Entity Detection makes finding relevant information easier by highlighting words within the text output that belong to certain categories (e.g. persons, locations, organizations).

The Media Mining Indexer 4.0 includes major improvements as well as new features like:

  • Increased speed of algorithms improves the performance and reduces the CPU requirement for all languages.
  • Additional speech processing provides higher accuracy and reliability of the transcribed text.
  • A broader range of flexible licensing options allows customers and partners to self-service their license requirements from their workstation 24/7 without further interaction with SAIL LABS.
  • Support for the UTF-8 (Unicode Transformation Format) character-encoding standard enables easy handling of vocabularies in all languages.
  • Enhanced audio analysis algorithms identify problems in the incoming audio and allow for rapid determination and fixing of audio-related problems.
  • The indexed output can now be instantly viewed in the Internet Explorer without the use of any additional software.
  • Both the API (Application Programming Interface) and the output of Media Mining Indexer 4.0 are fully compatible with previous versions.
  • Media Mining Indexer 4.0 includes the accompanying Language Model Tool, which enables users to fine-tune the system’s language capabilities to cope with, e.g., dialect pronunciations etc.

“We are confident that the new features and additional enhancements to the Media Mining Indexer will not only appeal to our current customers and partners but will be attractive to a wider market and will strengthen our leading position in this domain,” said Dr. Thomas Netousek, CEO and co-founder of SAIL LABS Technology.

The Media Mining Indexer 4.0 currently supports Arabic, English (American and British), French, German and Spanish language and will be available from SAIL LABS’ global network of partners.

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