SAIL LABS Unveils ROSIDS Product: Enabling the Understanding of Foreign Language Broadcast News

SAIL LABS Unveils ROSIDS Product: Enabling the Understanding of Foreign Language Broadcast News

SAIL LABS Technology, the recognized leader in Automatic Broadcast News Transcription Software, today announced the availability of ROSIDS, its latest cutting-edge software development, which offers a presentation of live TV and radio channels in foreign languages together with automatically generated subtitles in the viewer’s native language. The system is aimed at information analysts who need to be able to understand breaking news from sources whose language they do not speak.

SAIL LABS designed – in close co-operation with its ROSIDS launch customers – a unique product, which enables users to access international TV, radio, Internet and other broadcasts by providing real-time subtitling in their preferred language. ROSIDS, short for Rapid Open Source Intelligence Deployment System, is typically deployed in situation rooms to support decision-makers with up-to-date multimedia information.

ROSIDS captures video and/or audio feeds such as TV, radio, Internet etc. from satellite signals and produces video streams with subtitles. Powered by SAIL LABS’ industry-leading Speech-to-Text technology, ROSIDS transcribes the audio feeds and provides a machine translation from the original language into a chosen language, fully automatic and in real-time. The translated transcripts are displayed together with the original audio/video, thus enabling the end-user to watch, for example, Aljazeera with English subtitles.

When combined with the SAIL LABS Media Mining Server and SAIL LABS Media Mining Indexer, the received audio and video feeds can be indexed and archived in a database for later search and retrieval.

The deployment scenario in the situation analysis room is only one of many application areas where ROSIDS can simplify the process of extracting information from foreign language broadcasts. Other uses include Newsrooms of TV, Radio and Press Agencies, Media Observation Companies and Media Observation departments of corporations who need foreign language real-time information analysis.

ROSIDS is an off-the-shelf product for English, Arabic, French, German and Spanish and can be installed on standard PC Systems.

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