SAIL LABS Technology Releases Upgrade of Its Award-Winning Conversational System

SAIL LABS Technology Releases Upgrade of Its Award-Winning Conversational System

SAIL LABS Technology, one of the world’s leading speech technology solutions providers, today released its Conversational System 1.0.1, an upgrade version of the award-winning Conversational System 1.0 technology.

The Conversational System is a Natural Language Understanding (NLU)-based dialog system that serves as a voice interface to a wide variety of content. Its pure, statistics-based NLU environment is a tremendous advance on traditional grammar-based dialog systems, and gives the Conversational System the ability to hold free-flowing, intention-seeking conversations. In economic terms, this translates into quick task execution, greater efficiency, and, ultimately, considerable cost-savings.

The Conversational System’s ability to conduct complex dialogs makes it the platform of choice for fully automated telephony applications. The system can be used for applications ranging from voice-activated dialling through call center applications to CRM solutions. The Conversational System provides solutions in any field in which a telephony interface provides advantages.

The upgrade version of the Conversational System features two business-oriented refinements tailored for competitiveness: enhanced application development capabilities featuring Dialog XML as the program code language for the system’s Dialog Manager.

As a result of these refinements it is now possible to get an application prototype up and running quickly, and to build a functioning application in a matter of weeks and months. The use of Dialog XML also gives application developers the power to detect errors during compilation rather than at run time, which is a clear advantage over VoiceXML.

Another vital feature of the Conversational System is its use of open standards, which greatly enhances its ability to be implemented and integrated in a wide range of development and user configurations. Conversational System technology servers are implemented as CORBA objects, and the telephony interface is written in ECTF S.100. This greatly enhances the system’s scalability and flexibility.

The new Conversational System 1.0.1 also provides the foundation for an upgrade version of the Conversational System Application Development Kit (ADK) 1.0

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