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A Global Leader in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT),
Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR),
Media Monitoring & Analysis Solutions

National Security

One step ahead in protecting citizens.

Military Intelligence

One step ahead in all strategic planning.

Foreign Affairs

One step ahead in protecting national interests.

Disaster Management

One step ahead in timely response.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

One step ahead in preparedness.

Finance Industry

Lead the pack in eliminating risks.

Health Industry

Lead the pack in staying up to date with outbreaks.

Travel Industry

Lead the pack in a competitive environment.

Political Strategy

Lead the pack in gaining a political understanding.

Business Intelligence

Lead the pack in understanding current trends.

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Workflow Solution

Make sense of today’s explosion of data & sources.

Improve operational efficiency.

Coherent & consistent information sharing.

Make informed decisions.


SAIL LABS at ADECS 2019 – Singapore
28 January 2019

SAIL LABS at Intersec, 2019 – Dubai
20 January 2019

DSEI Exhibition, 2019 – London
10 September 2019


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